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  1. So normally I wouldn't even ask this, but apparently it is next to impossible to get a vaporbros in Ontario Canada without importing it from the US. During my hunt for a vaporbros, a lot of stores were telling me that Vapor Daddy Deluxe is at par/better than the vaporbros. The deluxe edition of the vapor daddy has a ceramic element just like the vaporbros.

    I really want a vaporbros but it looks like I will have to get it online and I really don't wanna pay duty and customs because it will probably knock up the price quite a bit. I am willing to settle for vapor daddy deluxe as long as it isn't a peice of junk.

    Is there anyone in this forum who is from canada (or better ontario) and has been able to find a vaporbros?

    Also, has anyone tried vapor daddy deluxe? If so, is the quality and efficiency anything close to the vaporbros?

    THANKS GC for all your help!
  2. The Da Buddha is a better buy than both of those vaporizers. Research your options.
  3. I can't speak for the vaporbros or the deluxe, but I have a regular Vapor daddy- works great for me, I'm using it as we speak. I would have got the Deluxe if they had any of them, but even the regular one works great.:smoking:

    I can't see there being a huge difference between the two
  4. Is it available in canada AND around the same price range as vapor bros/daddy ?
  5. They ship internationally and are around the same price. Spend a little more on the black paint and you willl be set. :)
  6. i bought a vapor daddy deluxe a few weeks ago and its pretty sweet. i get sick rips from it almost every single time. it takes a little while to find the right temp but once you figure it out its awesome. the only problem i have with it is the design of the glass wand; the chamber is way too big and it makes it difficult to evenly burn the grass. but im ordering a new piece so hopefully it'll be way better. im pretty sure the vapor daddy is just a cheaper knock off of the vapor bros vaporizers. the quality of some of the pieces on the vaporizer are questionable but im still very happy with it
  7. How do you feel about the angle of the heater unit? Most people I know who have these box type vapes put a book on the end of it and rise it up so that the bud doesn't fall through the screen.

    Even though I recommended the Da Buddha over a year a go, I still stand by that recommendation. The heater angle on the Da Buddha is superior to that of the box type vapes.

  8. i have a vaporbros and honestly ave never had a problem with my bud falling out of the wand, even after ive take 20 or so hits and its super dry, it still stays there for me the beginning i had a little trouble just cause i wasnt good at packing the whip but it really comes down to the pack...i am sure dbvs are just as good and i know many people who own and love them but i deffinitely love my vaporbros too, still gets me totally blown off .1-.2..i think the main thing here is just that vapes in general kick ass.
  9. I have a VaporBrothers and I think it's one of the best vaporizers on the market.

    I have also had Da Buddha, and I prefer my VaporBrothers by a huge margin.

    If it comes down to Da Buddha or the VaporBrothers, I promise you that the VB is a better choice and you will not regret your decision.

    I can't speak about any other vaporizers, but my VB and I are best friends. I really can't say enough great things about the VaporBrothers.
  10. if you want a wooden box vape..vaporbros handfree is a great vaporizer..if you want something a little more heavy duty..get da buddha vaporizer or a silver surfer.

    theres a learning curve with all whip based vaporizers..but the heating element angle of the vaporbrothers is akward at first if you don't pack your herb. i've seen people just throw there whip on and i've seen people pack their herb against the screen. i like packing it..i dont want to get resin around the glass that protects the heating element.

    if you plan on getting vaporbros buy from there website, but do some research and find out what you want to get..cause there are different whips and hydrators(bubblers) and steamrollers. so check out a couple vids..catalogues before making you final choice.

    btw i own a coffee hands free vb..if you need any help with your vaporizer once you get it..check out the thread in my signature.

    good luck sir.

  11. Why? Please explain.

  12. I'm curious as well. I've owned a silver surfer, along with many other vapes, and have used the vb extensively and I would reccommend the da buddah over the vb any day.

  13. Yup. I can come with a few reasons why I like the 7th Floor vapes better, but I'd like to first hear why he believes that the VB is better.

  14. Well, I can list many reasons but I will highlight the main few.

    Firstly, on Da Buddha, the heating element is openly exposed to the weed and is only separated by the L shape of the glass tube.

    It's very possible that at some point in time, you or a friend will accidentally blow air back into the vape tube. At this point, the weed goes into the glass tube and touches the incredibly hot heating element.

    This causes the weed to burn, essentially defeating the purpose of using a vaporizer. This burning weed creates smoke, and that smoke smells. This mistake has gotten me in trouble in a dorm room situation before.

    I am a very experienced smoker, and vaporizer and every once in a while I found myself making the mistake. And it occurs even more often with people who are not as familiar with a vaporizer.

    There is no need to worry about that when it comes to VB.

    Secondly, the VB's build quality exceeded that of Da Buddha. Da Buddha has a very solid feel on the main part, but IMO has a very crappy feeling base.

    The VB's wooden box, and in my case the dark coffee finish, has an incredibly good finish and often makes it feel like a very high end product.

    Third, the look of the VB is far cooler than that of Da Buddha. To some the look isn't important, but I like having smoke devices that I can be proud of. And every time I see the blue and green lights accent the dark coffee wood finish on my VB, it puts a big smile on my face. I love using it in the dark.

    That's what I've got for now, but there's always more if needed.
  15. dang..the only place online i can find the hands free VB is sold out and onbackorder 2 to 3 week wait :confused:
  16. yeah..during holiday season's i noticed availability goes down..and the price goes wayyy up.
    As an owner/user of both DBV and VB I will give you a few more reasons that should completely satisfy your curiosity. :bongin:
    By the way I recently sold my DBV in order to gather enough money to buy the VB.
    First and foremost: Efficiency! Let me explain.
    The DBV does not evenly vaporize your material. This is due to the following factors. If you compress the herb into the the wand too much the air doesn't really flow evenly. If you leave it loose it still drops all material along the bottom of the wand which burns material unevenly. You are somewhat obligated to pack the herb into the wand quite tighter than ideal.
    I know this doesn't happen on the SSV or silver surfer, because of its improved angle. However there is another very big problem! Even with the SSV. The metallic screen gets very dirty very quickly!!!!!! It is very difficult and troublesome to remove screen from the wand in order to clean it thoroughly. If you dont clean the screen thoroughly every 4 bowls or so you end up with the screen pretty clogged even the SSV cannot vaporize herb evenly when that screen is clogged all over. Of course the DBV has the same issue with screen clogging quickly.
    Besides these unacceptable hassles, the temperature control!? It's so drastic and excessively hot, makes it impossible to calibrate the temperature in workable settings. How does this affect the efficiency of my vape? I ended up going through the same amount of material with way fewer clouds on the DBV and feeling a lot less medicated. 
    This ultimately translates to the fact that I get about 15 solid, milky draws out of 0.25 grams of material with the Vapor brothers unit. Pretty consistently. Most of the times I am more than satisfied with one bowl.
    With the DBV I would get 5-7 draws if I'm lucky and usually the last 2 or 3 drags kinda thinner than the first 3 or 4. I often wanted a second bowl.  In the midst of these frustrating bowls I'd soon have to worry about cleaning screens again!!!!
    Have I give enough reasons already?? Cuz trust me I can go on about the fragility of the DBV vs. the solidity of the VB. Also about the aweful DBV whip.
    Enough said... Please tell me that I never learned how to use the buddha right and expalin to me how to use it!!! How do you keep those screens clean for heaven's sake!!??
    just being ironic... I do think DBV would make a great vaporizer if and only if one could obtain or design a much better whip/wand/screen system. The material would have to be contained between two screens instead of just one. This would allow the material to be vaporized without having to compress it. The material would fit fluffy within the two screens. (Just like the vapor brothers) Then one might say that they like the design of DBV better and its functionality would probably be equivalent to the Vape Brothers. You see I'm not a fan of any particular manufacturer. I just expect top quality for products that exceed $200.
    Happy vaping all!!! :bongin:
  18. In the 3 years ive had my DBV ive never had problems with the whip system. You keep screens clean with preventative maintenance (you cant figure this out? lol)  but imo it hits better with a rather dirty screen. I dont see how some of you clumsy people have trouble with keeping the weed from falling down in the bowl, its actually never happened to me. 
    Oh and is your DBV running to hot? Turn down the temperature... its not rocket science buddy. 
    lol at fragility of the DBV compared to the vapor brothers. That is nothing but conjecture. 
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    As you can see, I've been a VERY active member on this forum as well as over at FC for a VERY long time and this is the absolute FIRST time that I ever heard anyone state that they sold their DBV for a VB.  
    One of the key things that makes the DBV a better vape is the air path.   With the VB the air is drawn from underneath the vape and picks up whatever dust and garbage the vape is sitting on.   The air also passes over the electronics.   With the DBV, the first thing that the air comes on contact with is glass and it never passes over the internal electronics.    I MUCH prefer glass and a clean air and vapor path.

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