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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mIdnite ToKa, May 20, 2010.

  1. i had ma vape for like a year and i dunno if ive been hittin it rite does anybody no wer can i get some pointers:eek:
  2. my friend has a vapor bros and it can get some fat hits, just make sure your pulling the right way.

    if your not inhaling slowly at first, and then inhaling fast after about 5 seconds your not doing it right.

    you gotta slowly draw the vapor into the tube, then clear it fast into your lungs, and just keep doing that.

    if your already doing that and its not working there is something wrong with your vape.
  3. So you're saying that the only thing that could have a negative impact on his vaporizing experience is his draw speed, otherwise he has a broken vape? TOTALLY wrong.

    Things that could have a negative impact on your vaping:

    Bud not ground fine enough
    Bud not dry enough
    Bud packed too tightly
    Temp too high or too low
    Draw speed not matched to your temp. If your temp is set high, you have to draw faster. If your temp is set low, you need to draw slower.
    Screen could be clogged
    Etc, etc etc...............
  4. yeah theres all that shit, but thats the first thing anyone should know when they buy a vape lol
  5. TOTALLY wrong again. Most people that go from smoking blunts and/or bongs do NOT know these things and to suggest that they "should" and then ending your statement with an "lol" is more than just a bit pompous.
  6. you know brah. you know.
  7. :wave:hahaha n ok thanks

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