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Vaporbonging with Percs: Dumb or Smart?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by maxwell4, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I've tried vaporbonging with my friend's DBV and I love it. However, I kind of only have a basic bong and it's nothing special. If I bought an addon percolator though, what would happen? Would I lose THC in the water as a result of the extra filtration? Would it even serve a purpose, or would it be a waste? Thanks!
  2. You lose a very small amount just going through water. Add diffusion, and you lose a bit more. But still, even with loss, being that it is so small, it's worth it by allowing you to take a much larger hit without coughing and puts much less strain on your throat and lungs by cooling and adding moisture to the vapor.
  3. I've always found that vaping through a simple water piece is the best. Vapor doesn't really need filtration and more percs add more drag.
  4. Over at FC, it seems that the glass of choice to use with vapor is the Mobius Ion Matrix Bubbler which has a perc with just about no perceptible drag whatsoever. It's also on the small side, which is perfect for vapor. Yes, too much diffusion will impact the taste but even with vapor, it does add to the smoothness.

    Check out the owner and inventor of the Cloud hitting his through the Matrix:

  5. I use my sg v6 stemline to vape and its perfect. I wouldn't go more than one chamber though
  6. It doesn't seem necessary for vapour.
  7. i like to hit my bong dry with my dbv, try it. for some reason i feel like i get higher

    it could be all in my head tho
  8. shit, stonemonkey wound up with his own vape?! ridiculous!

    great vid iwien! :wave: do you have the mobius piece? review/price? i got my trusty old vape bong...but shes been around the block...i like new shiny..*drool*...

  9. Here's a little Matrix porn for ya:




    Price: $330
  10. *drooool....** mm thats some good looking glass man....

    last pic those percs look cccrrraaazzyy

    thanks a lot for throwing those up iwien!

  11. There's over 160 holes in that perc. :)
  12. Man I really love Mobius glass. I have had my eye on the stereo matrix bubbler for a while, but was never able to find one for sale. Right now I mostly vape through my SB bubbler due to it being small it is a lot more convenient than other pieces.
  13. Those bubbles are a metaphor for the multiverse and the possibility that we are in a matrix.

    The premises for us being in a matrix or simulated world are not that unreasonable.
    1) in the future technology will advance and perfect AI
    2) it will remain inhumane to test on humans
    3) creating simulations for research is a more humane and socially acceptable as opposed to human testing.

    So by probability if there are multiple "universes" then we should expect to be part of a computer simulation!

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