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Vaporbonging: LSV vs DBV

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by maxwell4, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I want to try vaporbonging. I think it looks awesome and I hear it cools the vapor down, so I want to experience it for myself.

    Anyways, I'm not quite sure which vape I should get for it. I have a mflb for travel and a volcano for parties, so I just want a personal use vape that can get me fucked up while using a bong.

    I've narrowed it down to the Life Saber and Da Buddha vape, and I was hoping someone could share their insights as to what makes one better at vaporbonging. I realize I could get the Cloud, but it's extremely expensive and I'd rather not spend that kind of money. And the SSV, while nice, just doesn't seem that different from the DBV to really warrant the extra money. Anyways, thanks for the help
  2. LSV, without a doubt. Reason? Because you have a virtual glass on glass vapor path bypassing the vapor having to travel through a long whip to get to your bong which results in better taste and less condensation.
  3. That is a really good reason that I didn't think about, thanks!
  4. I have an NO2 vape which hits inconsistently. Starts out weak and about rips my lungs out after about 3 minutes. Since it has a long tube for the mouthpiece, it fits nicely in the bong stem and smooths out the harsh.
  5. That's easy. I've used all three extensively and owned SSV and LSV. LSV is made for vaporbonging, the others aren't. LSV is an amazing vape, it floors pretty much every other one out there. Its easily a close second to the cloud. I can't praise it enough.

    Also, sorry but no2 is noooowhereee close.
  6. Definitely LSV. You have a MFLB and Volcano, this would set it off nicely

    If you didn'[t have the Cano I'd probably say DBV
  7. How is the LSV without the bong attachment? Is it still identical to the SSV in terms of vapor quality?
  8. Still better in that with the LSV, it is still virtually an all glass path, bypassing the long whip (hose) on the SSV. It is a bit warmer because of the shorter vapor path, but that long whip can not only add a taste of it's own, but has more surface area for condensation to take place.
  9. Here's an idea;

    Get some tubing for about $5 and hook it up to your volcano. If you have a 14.5mm bong joint then it fits perfectly into the downstem and slips over the volcano stem. or you can hit it out of the bag through the bong without anything else. It works pretty well although I prefer hitting it out of the bag to make sure I'm not losing any vapor in the water.
  10. Id hit it out of water to be sure I wasn't losing vapor in the bag.

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