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vapor vs smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nathan549, May 25, 2010.

  1. hey all, im new to the forum. just wanted your opinions on the difference between highs of vaping and smoking?

    also how good is the magic-flight launch box? im thinking of getting one
  2. Well I like to vape mainly cause i have a vapor brothers vape. And essentially after smoking 1-2 ounces through it, you get thick honey, don't get this mixed with resin. And then you are also left with around 1-1.4 ounces of vaped bud saved up from 1-2 ouces of dank. From here you can save it up and make edibles. I've got around 4-5 grams, in which tomorrow i am making budder, then day after im making some dank breakfast in the morning and then crashing.

    Summery: I pretty much get high 3 times by vaporizing (which all get you super high), compared to smoking.
  3. I love Vaporizing, it gives you a much "cleaner" high than smoking does. You don´t get that chocked up, dirty hangover type feeling. I don´t really know how to describe it, but once you Vap you´ll know what I´m revering to. The high is more of a mind high, rather than a tye you to the couch cant get up type of high. You still feel fit and energetic, but your mind is stoned. Its great :)
    As for the Magic Flight Launch Box, get one!! It´s the most amazing little vap ever. It´s soooooo small, and yet with the right grinding consistency it will get you where you want to be in no time!!
    And like bwitsne said, afterwards you can used your vaped bud to make some edibles once you´ve stored up enought :)
    Your doing your lungs good and your preserving weed.

    To wrap it up, it´s defenately worth the money :D
  4. i love my vape! vapir one v5.0. amazing vape and ive tried a few.

    i love how much weed it conserves and the high is good. i do smoke joints to cos i miss them alot lol but vapings good. i smoke joints etc through the day and vape at night. good combo lol

    nothing like a nice vaped bag to set ya to sleep lol

  5. I have an Extreme Vape, how could I get all that buildup in there out? And what exactly is that stuff?

  6. -Vaporizing is a more chill and subtle way to get high
    It doesn't create a lot of smell which is good if your an indoor toker.
    -Conserves bud if you use it properly.
    -Collects Vapor Resin some people consider it honey and that can be confused with bho honey or hash oil..depending on what type of vaporizer you have.
    -Leaves behind vaped herb, for cooking, smoking, or vaporizing again. Also you can make hash from it.
    its very easy on your lungs compared to smoke.
    -get more THC out of your bud and more hits from small amounts of bud.
    -On the other hand vaporizers are expensive..depending on what your budget is, most people would rather spend money on bud then a new tool to use.
    -There is a risk that you burn your bud if you not using your unit properly.

    -Smoking is fast, theres no heat up time or cool down time, just light it and your golden.
    -nothing can really stand next to milking a bong until the smoke is yellow, its just amazing.
    - Common stoners are more familiar with smoking than vaporizing
    -collects resin..and tar..some people like smoking it and some people dont depends on your preference..i honestly think it makes a mess so i just clean it off.
    -The universe for glass/acrylic/metal smoking tools is vast and always expanding...there are only so many vaporizers available
    -You can make something homemade out of regular stuff lying around your house.
    -Its a little bit harder to build your own vaporizer..kinda dangerous but possible to do.
    -Bong rips and blunts will tear your lungs/esophagus after days of daily use(happened to me) other people it may effect differently
    -Smoking is a little more portable..easier to throw a blunt out of the window then a vaporizer or a bong..incase a cop is on ur tail or some shit.
    -Smoking is cheaper

    ^thats basically my opinions on vaporizing and smoking.
    btw magic flight launch box is the shittttt defiantly getting one soon.
  7. I said it due to many threads calling it that.
  8. I recently bought the Deluxe Daddy and its worth it.

    I like vap highs because I find it to be more a functional high. I've had friends tell me it sneaks up on them, but Its been so long since I first tried vape its hard to tell. I do find that I don't get burned out anymore, and i'm saving a good amount on green costs.

    If you aren't sure if you'll like it but you don't wanna spend big money, make yourself a lightbulb vape, give it a chance and see if you like it. Thats how I decided that vape was better than smoking. Search Youtube or google for instructions.

    Also, as an added bonus, since my vape is a table top vape I don't really bring it out places (occasionally smoking parties), so when I'm out with my friends and they pull out a joint I get super high since I haven't smoked a joint in a while... meanwhile I'm vaping everyday. So.. it kinda acts like a tolerance break from joints.

  9. yeah man i understand..i just like to be thorough with what i say.
  10. i love my vaporizer. i have only smoked a few times since i bought it and when i can afford a decent portable one i probably wont smoke again. i switched over because of the health benefits but the high is much better too. i get higher, longer off of less weed than i do when smoking and most of what you vape is re-usable. all in all, a vaporizer is a must for every serious stoner in my book
  11. #11 RepentYeNbelievethegospel, May 26, 2010
    Last edited: May 26, 2010
    Don't smoke from your vape, it's not safe. Plus it defeats the purpose. Only vaporize from a vaporizer.

    The high from vapor is a much cleaner clear headed cerebral high(what most would assosoate with a sativa strain) and the high from smoke I five is a more hazy clouded feeling, or a more ducked up type of body stone.
    Now, the cool part about vaporizing is that you can pickband choose what kind of effects you want. A higher temperature will produce more of a body high(still not the same as smoke) and a lower temp will produce a head high. BUT, you must remember that the speed of your pull plays a major role in the temperature, this is why you must be careful not to pull TOO SLOW or you risk burning the herb.

    Those are the basics IMO

    Blackbur summed it up nicely, BUT I disagree that smoking is cheaper. Since a vape is more efficient, and uses less herb, and pretty much pays for itself in conserved herb, it's cheaper in the long run.

    And I have a MF LB and I love it! Absolutly amazing little unit, heats up almost instantly and can fit in the palm of your hand.
  12. I personally prefer smoking but then again I'm also a big hookah smoker and I do enjoy playing with my smoke. Adds to the experience in my opinion. :smoke:

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