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  1. Looking at the vapor swings that use the titanium pads made me want one. I know they are made for oils, my question is... Can regular plant matter work? Will it still vaporize? Or are these strictly made for oil. Problem being, oil is hard to come by in my area.
  2. Just oils man. You will do nothing but waste plant material on it. I would get a hot hit wand and torch if you want something similar for bud.
  3. Possibly have a link to what you are referring to?
  4. Google is your friend.

    Take a glass rod, something like this (available at most LHS)

    Get a torch (either butane or propane) heat the tip until glowing hot and use instead of a lighter. This will have a similar effect on the bud as oil does on a Ti pad. Nice and clean with no butane taste from your lighter. If you need a tutorial, go to youtube, there are hundreds of videos of people using them. Hope this helps.
  5. Lol I want to see someone try bud with a skillet.
  6. In reality you COULD use one for bud. Just not ideal. Hot hit wand would be better for you, and much cheaper. I can take way bigger snaps with a wand than i can with lighter. Taste/control really helps.
  7. op, ever though of making your own oil?
  8. I really don't like trying to make new stuff. I ended up calling a company out of Cali to get advice on all of what I needed. I ended up getting an illy slide, glass wand, vector nitro torch. And a holder for the wand. Spent around 160 after shipping. Looking forward to trying it out. The only other thing I need to find is a 45 degree angle adapter to make the slide stick straight up, but not rush on that.

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