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Vapor Genie Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Agenbite, Jun 10, 2009.

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    I have had a Vapor Genie for about a month and a half and have enjoyed it quite a bit, but when it comes time to exhale, I always feel that the vapor cloud is somewhat lackluster.

    Method: I hold the lighter against the flame filter so the metal part of the lighter touches the metal ring, but I hold it at an angle that allows only the very tip of the flame to enter the hole. I assume there is also some heat transfer happening between the top of the lighter and the VG's metal ring. If I feel the air getting too hot or if there is nothing doing, I adjust the angle accordingly.

    Whenever I get a larger cloud, I find that patches of the stuff have been scorched. I have watched demo videos on youtube and realize that most are probably done with tobacco, which accounts for those enormous clouds, but my research has convinced me that I should be able to produce much larger clouds without burning the herb. By the end of a bowl, it is usually light to medium brown.

    Does anyone have any advice? If someone could get a shot of his/her own VG vapor cloud and post it, that would be awesome. I love this piece, but I feel like I could be getting so much more out of it. Thanks.

    EDIT: I wasn't sure if this should have gone here or in toking tools. Sorry if I got it wrong.
  2. It usually takes a while for the metal part to heat up. I think you're getting higher than you realize because vapor has a lot of stuff.

    I wish I could explain it better, but I'm really baked. Good luck man.
  3. I have the same problem. I either scorch the herb or get nothing when I hit the VG. Any tips would be appreciated!
  4. For the most part, your ability to see vapor clouds has more to do with ambient lighting than anything else. I have gotten totally wasted without ever seeing a vapor cloud.

    Try this. Sit in front of a window where the sun is shining directly through and exhale in the direction of a dark background. You'll be amazed at the clouds that you'll see.

    If your cashed herb is coming out of the Genie as med to dark brown after 3 to 4 good hits, and you have not scorched the filter, than you are using it correctly regardless if you see vapor clouds or not.
  5. Vapor that you see is wasted vapor. You should not see any vapor upon exhalation if you are using it efficiently.
  6. I have a vapor genie as well and find that it is most efficient when no clouds are formed. This means that instead of a bowl lasting 5-6 hits it may last as long as 15-20 hits. When I use it alone i never prosuce a vapor cloud. However, when your passing it around in a group people are always greedy and try to get huge hits that they can't handle and end up exhaling huge amounts of vapor and smoke because they end up burning the bud.

    However, if you do want large vapor clouds the trick is to inhale slowly. The amount the bud heats up is not determined by how much air you pull over it but by how long you pull. If you can pull with a gentle inhale and have it last for 20-30 seconds you should get the large vapor clouds you're looking for.
  7. If your getting high, it's working man, don't worry about the size of the cloud.
    If your worried that your not using your bud to it's full potential, over the next week or so, measure out exactly how much you use, don't even worry about the size of the cloud, and then just work from there. if you feel that your using to much bud to get high from vapor, then adjust, but if your getting ripped, don't even worry about it man.

    have fun

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