Vapor coming out mouthpiece of convection vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by exclusivelorenz, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. So I have a pulsar apx convection vaporizer. But when I turn it on vapor starts coming out from the mouthpiece and starts to smell up the air. I read somewhere convection style vaporizers aren't supposed to do that? Is that true? If so, can anyone recommend some high quality convection vaporizers that don't emit vapor from the mouthpiece? Thanks!!!!!
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  3. I think what he is getting at is that it should only produce vapor when you hit it. I had an e-nail that hit like that.
  4. Yes yes that's exactly what I meant to say. I read somewhere that "true convection vaporizers will not emit vapor when you're not drawing from it," so I was just wondering.
  5. No, what you read isn't true, but it does heat up 30 seconds I read? If that's a problem you may want to get a different one. Most don't do that, but it's normal for that brand I guess.
  6. Convection by definition is heating by air drawn through the weed. A loaded full convection vape will not make vapor until you pull on it. However, not all "convection" vapes are 100% convection and will make vapor while sitting. My Underdog is 100% convection and Vapor will not escape the stem while idle and can be left for some time and still give a good pull!
  7. That's the exact answer I needed!! Do you know of any other vaporizers like that?
  8. I have a Vapolution II that is like that but feels clumsy. E-Nano and other desktops. The Mighty and Crafty and Plenty. Check advertisers like Puffitup.

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