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  1. Does one lose vapor when they have their vaporizer hooked up to a bong? I have the amber Black Leaf Dome perc water pipe coming, been 5 days so it should be here soon.. but I got a bit impatient because the vapor is just a tad too hot for me and I made a mini water pipe out of a small coke bottle and I got the tube taped great and a small exhaust but I'm just not sure.. Is vapor bonging less efficient?
  2. Technically I'm sure you use some, but not enough for me to care. Its fairly common, check out the skim milk video thread..just videos of vapes through bongs.
    You may loose a little efficiency, but you will get bigger hits, same as a bong vs. a spoon.
  3. you will get bigger hits bcuz the water cools down the vapor and you wont even realize what hit ya till you exhale
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    So.... if you breath in the vapor for about 10 seconds and leave the vapor inside your lungs for 5, blow about 25% out, breath what you can of air back in... another 5 second and blow all of it out.. will this make you retarded? or just really stoned... or both?

    hmmm... perhaps I am just really stoned.. I think I have been sitting at my vaporizer for over an hour now trying to figure out how to fucking get this artificial fucking coco-cola bottle to work and pooping bud after bud not even realizing.. but I really don't see as much smoke as I would I i just straight up use the whip without pepsi bong. ? o.() Carry on, chap!'

    yep! feels like Micky Land and shit. Hopefully it isn't that I blew mah brain ceels out from holding in breath for too long :D
    I can be the new Tosh point O of comedy! :D:D
  5. yea i just held it in for like 20 sec then blew out some vapor then breathe in some air then blew out a lil more vapor and more air until hit was gone but kinda lightheaded lol but now im good and baked
  6. I don't know, man... that seems unsafe.
  7. youve never hit a bong so hard you got a head rush? thats pretty much exactly what i felt its not like said i do it everytime or its great i just said i tried it and i feel baked. dont have the lungs for that all the time.
  8. So.. my bong came today and I thought it was going to suck.. but damn! this thing is pretty cool. and if I would have waited for this bong to arrive then this thread would have never been created...
    To anyone that owns a vaporizer and doesn't have a bong... get a freakin' *real* bong!
    this thing seems even more efficient than using the whip alone.
  9. love the avatar
    also love furrepanther's avatar but obviously for very different reasons lol.
    As for vaping into a waterpipe.  I prefer it to vaping directly from a balloon.  The water vapor helps to moisten the smoke, it just feels more comfortable to me.
    I have a classic volcano and the ez valve set and adaptor.  I just fill a bag, put the adaptor on my piece and then fit the mouthpiece of the bag over the adaptor. 
    That said, I no longer vape, it hurts my throat, I prefer dabbing.
  10. I've got an o ring/gasket looking thing that fits my mflb stem perfectly and the od of the o ring fits my 14mm downstem perfect. Iuse a small bong that I can angle oddly so the mflb stays flat. It works well and I definitely prefer vaping that way. I'll take the first two draws from the stem though because they taste better

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