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Vapor Blunt broken down

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Friendlybear, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. So I was trying to use my vapor blunt (still questioning if its a good tool) and it seemed clogged so I started taking it apart trying to un clog it. I ended up having to completely dismantle it and even had to drill out the screw next to the power port because it was probably glued in. It turns out its all resiny inside and clogged with chunks of resin. Pretty disappointed and glad I only paid $135 for mine vs the $300 I've seen some shops charge. $135 is still A LOT of cash, though, for something that gets clogged up after a couple of months.

    Heres a pic after I took it apart:


  2. any one have one of these and have some thoughts?
  3. attempting to put it back together now that I've cleaned out the gunk
  4. alright, its back together now warming it up for a test vape
  5. it works again! sweet
  6. Nice mate, they are coming out with the palm, a newer version. I was looking into it for a nice portable vape.
  7. I've had mine now for four days and I've noticed some restriction in air flow. I'm thinking there may be some resin build up since I've used the hell out of it since I've gotten it. I may have to dismantle mine also.
  8. yeah mine was def clogged with resin. its starting to get clogged again. super annoying. I'm going to check out other vapes.
  9. That much resin in a couple of months? are you using hash/oil? if not, how much are you vaping? o. O
  10. I vape 3-5 times a day... its already getting clogged again :(
  11. Thanks for the pics of the disassembled vaporblunt and the clogged airpath. Was looking all over for it.
    I picked one of these up on ebay, and I'm pretty sure the airpath is clogged with something that is making it smell horrible.
    Your pics have given me confidence to take apart and clean.
    I would also be feeling very disapointed had i paid full, or close to full price.
    The screw you had a hard time getting out went back in ok?
  12. I actually never put the screw back in. I ad to drill it out so it and the hole it went into were damaged. it stays together fine without it. so glad the pics and info helped!
  13. It is essential to keep the screen as clean as possibe. I clean mine after three to four uses every time. Not only to keep it performing at it's best but also because I hate a dirty piece haha. I've had my VB for about six months now and it's still working like a champ. I like how good it is for conservation, I went from buying a quarter a week to an eighth a week. Needless to say, all of my glass collection is starting to get dusty. If I were to refer anyone to a portable vaporizor it would definitely be the Vapor Blunt. Mine goes with me every where I go and the charge is good for lasting at least four or five different sittings.
  14. seriously?! the vapor blunt is weak. u sound like u r trying to sell them
  15. Gotta agree with you on all accounts Friendlybear. The VB will do the trick if you pack the bowl just right, but has way to many quirks. Couldn't recommend it to anyone. You tried any other vapes rock?
  16. How did you drill out the screw next to the power port? I can't seem to do it
  17. you need a drill bit just slightly larger than the shaft of the screw. slowly and carefully start to drill through the head of the screw by putting the drill but inside where you would put the screw driver head. apply pressure while you drill and once the bit gets through the head of the screw it should come apart if all other screws are removed.

    hope that helps. I'm on the disc golf course right now typing from my phone but can type more later.
  18. Thanks man, I just have to find a drill bit small enough to get in there
  19. for sure. they are pretty cheap. I would probably just get a Harbor Freight bit
  20. Guys, you just need to clean it.

    Buy some pipe cleaners to clean out the resin.

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