Vapo-bowl / Alternative to lighters

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  1. Hey GC, i got this vaporizer bowl a couple of days ago.


    It's just a normal bowl basically, but with a sort of cap on top with a hole and a heating element which you suck the flame into.

    I put it on my bong, and it works great. The thing is tho, you have to light it constantly. So my lighters are running out very fast. Is there some other way i could try to light it? I though of beeline, but that's not available anywhere in Europe.

    It also gets extremely hot, which sucks, cuz when i'm high i tend to forget that ofcourse. :rolleyes:
  2. nice bowl man

    as for heating it i wouls suggest a candle lol simple and it works

    not a scented one tho

    but thats a neat lil bowl u got there

  3. Thanks dude. I thought about using a candle, but i'm not sure if i'd be inhaling all the wax and other vapors from it. Fuck it, i'll just try the candle thing, all my lighters are dead anyway. :p
  4. I dunno, i think this thing needs a flame. It's designed for regular lighters anyway. Maybe i should try some weed instead of hash, that might vaporize a bit easier.
  5. Lol that's not a "vapo-bowl" it's a smoke cap

    Almost all metal pipes have them, mine do to.

    When you screw it on and suck the flame through, it releases no smoke, so you can handle it a lot without having to worry about your contents or smoke coming out.
  6. It really is a vapo-bowl, the word is engraved into it. And it does vaporize instead of burning the bowl's contents.
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    ya that deff. is not just a regular cap to a metal bowl. you can tell when its open theres no hole on the top part just some kinda heating element prolly ceramic
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    nice to see somebody owning this item, I it is definitely a Vaporstar knock of which I use, but the price is making this really attractive to me.

    I would suggest you, do not use bee/hemp-wick lighter .. I ordered it also with Glass Vaporgenie from USA , and it works good only with vaporgenie because the flame sucking into the vaporstar is touching the metal cap which releases the soot. Also I wouldnt recommend using candle as a source due to the same issue.

    However, I lately discovered the jet-flame lighter works with vaporstar / vapo bowl great ! You need to just point the sucking hole of vapo-bowl to the edge of the torch-flame (there must be cca 5mm gap between flame and metal cap's hole - but you will find what works for you better) and inhale slower firstly to heat the cap, then you can suck harder for big dense hit ..and the taste is better ! Yes it is a butane guzzler so buy also a additional gas for lighters (1 € cca) ..

    I would like to ask something-
    there were few worries about the vapo-bowl in terms of quality of materials used.. have you got any information about what is it? It looks more 'shiny' than the metal cap of Vaporstar which is pure stainless steel ...
    How long you use it? Does it release some unwanted metal fumes/oxidizing flavor?

    there is also vapo-bowl glass version available on azarius which looks awesome

    thnx for respond
  9. Go to your local crafts store and pick up some hemp wick and beeswax, all you need to do is boil the beeswax then when it's in it's liquid form you pull as much hemp wick through as you'd like, once you have enough you let it dry for a day then it's ready to use, it's the exact same thing as beeline but cheaper ($10 or less)

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