Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Mysteriously Clogged

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  1. I had just recently bought a Vapir NO2 vape. It has been working very well up until recently, when the air flow started to become really clogged (restricted) for seemingly no reason, so I cleaned the mouthpiece and the mesh screen holder that attaches to the bottom of the mouthpiece by soaking them in rubbing alcohol. I had also just recently replaced both screens with brand new ones. Right now, even when I inhale while it is running on empty, the airflow is restricted, and therefore it is hard to pull. What the heck could be causing the blockage???

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    i dont own one so i can be relied upon tho before i bought my arizer solo i did a good month of research vs other models one was the vapir no2. so i would think air flow below chamber is clogged or the head unit has some sort of air hole.maybe a plastic and heat issue causing restricted air flow . again just a though get a new replacement head
    or chamber

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  3. Use a toothpick or cut the end off of a qtip to clean the hole in the top where the whip slides onto.
    Be sure to put that oil back onto your ground up bud in the chamber for an even better vaping session!
    Screens can be cleaned with a qtip dipped in paint thinner and they will be good as new.

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