Vapir for 70 bucks?

Discussion in 'General' started by cannabisblunt, Aug 25, 2008.

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    Hey guys my rich friend that barely smokes is selling me his Vapir vaporizer for 70 bucks. Good deal or not worth it? I think its an awesome deal, but i dont know if a vaporizer is worth the money. :confused:
  2. Yah i would probly do that :)
  3. Vapir works fine under normal use. If your going to use it more then 4-5 times daily, then consider routine maintenace. I have had three 5.0 units in the last year. They work great when they work but the bearings go out periodically and makes it louder then shit.
  4. i would only use it once or twice per day max, so i hope that isnt a problem. think 70 bucks is a right price?
  5. 70 bucks, not a big deal. buy it and if you like it keep it otherwise keep it boxed up, unitl you "show it off"
  6. i traded mine 160$ worth of stuff for his vapir vaporizer..its worth 150 and i love it, its amazing
  7. i had a vapir one 4.0 that i got off ebay for awhile, it was nice while it lasted but it was taken from me:mad: but it was a decent vaporizer, the bowls are very small and the fan is kind of obnoxious, but other than that, yeah it was a good vape.
  8. do it! If for nothing else, at least you have a system that inflates bags.....are the bags included too?
  9. yeah everything is included, i dont know which model it is though. i heard the vapir one isnt very good, but it was made like 4 years ago so i bet his version is one of the newer ones
  10. ill sell u my vaporite solo for 70
  11. a vape for 70 bucks, def. deal bro.
    get it.
    if you dont like it.
    sell it to a noob friend of yours for like 80 and tell him its a steal.
  12. i m selling mine for 70 buy it plz
  13. lol why the fuck would i buy it from some random dude on the internet when my friend already sold it to me for 70. stop trying to sell shit to me
  14. haha y would he go through the hassle of buyin it off one of you guys and having to wait for it to get shipped n all that, when he can fuckin get it right where he lives as soon as the cash is exchanged

    u guys gotta use your heads, u wouldnt make very good salesman

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