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  1. Im looking to get a vaporizer... and I have a pressing question

    I'm looking to use this descretley most of the time because I need to smoke in my garage (Im in high school, and live w/ my parents) I also need to smoke in bathrooms and such.

    When vaporizing weed, is there a very noticeable/lingering smell?

  2. Not near as much as with smoking, and whatever there is, it doesn't linger much at all. Kinda smells like burnt popcorn.

    btw, I'd stay away from anything made by Vapir. There's just been too many reports of them leaking vapor, breaking, and tasting like plastic, and........they only have a 90 warranty.
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    Get something portable like a Vapor Genie. It's totally portable, no heat-up time, no parts to break in it, and if you use it in combination with a sploof there's no distinguishable odor. Vaporized weed doesn't smell like smoked weed so unless they're trying to find the smell they won't even give it a second thought other than "Did you burn some popcorn?", and you'll just smile and resume vaping haha. I've had hour-long vape sessions with my family in the next room and have never been questioned about any smells leaking from the room, vapor just doesn't linger that much.

    Edit: I, also, have read reports of the Vapir One breaking down and leaking vapor. It's not uncommon for Vapir products in general.
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    Good suggestion, but man, I don't know if you even need a sploof. I've smoked my Genie and my Purple Days right next to someone sitting on the couch with me, and when I asked them if they could smell anything, they either said that they couldn't smell a thing, or maybe just a bit of burnt popcorn, but it went away really quick.

    Could be different though if you were using a whip based vape when trying to get those huge bong-like lung splitters.
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    Yeah, I only use my PD for solo sessions so I don't have anyone to comment on the smell. In groups we are using my Vapor Bros and there's probably slightly more odour involved, but you can only smell it from like 2-3 ft away.
  6. you could get a vapor brothers and just tell them it's for aroma therapy since it comes with a bowl to mix water with the oils and then just whip out the whip when they roll out
  7. Get a Da Buddha and tell them it's your new religion.:p
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I'll do some research into the vapor genie, and likely buy it. I appreciate you saving me from blowing $125 on something thatd break.
  9. I have use the Oxygen Mini and I think its exactly what your looking for. You can use it one room away and they would never know because its completly silent making it stealthy to use. A rad bonus is that you can take it anywhere with the battery so you can use it in your garage without plugging it in. When I inially found it online, I was interested to see how it worked and now as a proud owner I'm fully stoked on how good it works.:hello:

    I got mine on sale with a shiz load of accesories as it was the best deal I could find at

    Hope this helps good luck on your hunt.
  10. iv heard bad things about the vapir also.iv used a vapor genie and it works great but theres some learning to do so you dont burn it.
    i have also heard good things about the Iinhale but i think there going to upgrade it soon so if you want that it might be best to wait if you want it
  11. Its weird I keep hearing "all these bad things" about Vapir and my homies and I have had nothing but love for our Oxygen Vape. :wave:
  12. I had a vapir air one I bought last fall. It broke a few weeks ago. I don't reccomend it if you plan on it working for over a year.

    But yes, it leaves some smell. Not as much as smoke, but still noticable. Easy to cover up with a breeze and some air freshener though.
  13. MagnusRune....WOW thats a total bummer. I've had mine for a while and it still works great so you should contact the company and see what they can do because they were super hella helpful to me.
  14. Yeah, kind of a bummer. But I already bought a new one. I may call the old one in anyways though.
  15. Yea bro you still might get hooked up. Call and let me know what they say. :smoking:
  16. Hey dude did you call them? SOoooo did they hook you up?
  17. Still shuffling through 1-800 numbers.
    Kind of a bitch cause I don't think it's on warranty.

  18. Mine came with a 90 day warranty and I think when I spoke to my friend he said that even though you don't have warranty you can return your vape and get another one for half off. I think thats what he said but find out...Im pretty sure their number is online...:wave:
  19. i achually bought a vapir one about 6 monthes ago.

    it works ok... the fan is very loud and there is a slight smell to is but yeah not as much as just smoking a joint.

    it does come with a hose and bags, i like the loading disks for the herb (although i keep losing em)

    and i really baby my vaporizer.

    after every tray u have to let the fan run on high for 10 min so it doesn't overheat (there's achually a warning about the vapo heating up too much)

    so overall it can be a hastle but for the price i got it for (150) i guess it was worth it.
    but if u can afford to save up i would seriously think about investing in a volcano they are the best on the market just god damn expensive.:D
  20. yea a volcano is way too expensive for my pocket...Its funny cause one of my boys has one and spent $$$$ for that thing and all it does is collect dust. We use my Vapir all day

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