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  1. Just out of curiosity, would vaping (just water) break one's fast?
  2. Gee, thanks for clarifying that
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    u cant vape water anyways. And it will count as drinking it. Why are you fasting?
  4. LOL
    Woah, easy there!
    Maybe i didnt word it right.. but you don't gotta be mean about it! and i do have common sense .. at least I'd like to think i do.. anyways back to the vape thing
    Its not like you would be ingesting anything..
    its vapor..
    water vapor.

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  5. I know i felt bad so i edited my post but u quoted me too fast

    U ingest water if it goes into your mouth. But u cant vape water bro
  6. Sorry man i didnt mean it
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh.. well i feel a little retarded.
    And my badd "bro" meant no offence when i quoted you.
  8. Yea why are u on a fast?
  9. All good :).
  10. N nvm i just saw that your female. So sorry girl* i didnt mean it
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    Well i want to see it through..but i have a nasty habit of smoking.. its been hard dude! was just trying to see if there was any way arnd it.. that sounds so bad eyy lol
  12. Does smoking count as breaking a fast? Its not so bad. I just quit smoking last month. Maybe u can do it too. Its really so unhealthy
  13. Oh good for you! Thats fantastic! *high five* ✋
    I know, ur totally right. Its unhealthy and gross. Im gonna try but this shitt is hard to let go of

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  14. ✋. Yea i know what u mean it was a bit rough for me to quit too but i got past it. Have u tried vaping water before? Has it worked? I dont think it will
  15. I have not.. some moron at work told me about it.. thought I'd get some clarity on it here but come to think of it now i think he was just effing arnd with me lol

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  16. Must of been lol i checked some other posts online and it says u cant vape water. But i hope u can manage with your fast. I was thinking about fasting for a day or 2
  17. Thank you, i hope i do too lol
    Any particular reason as to why you would?

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  18. I inboxed u. Reply me
  19. There's no hard and fast rules. But I don't think vaping counts as breaking your fast. Yes, some water particles probably make it in your system, but so does breathing really humid air. The point is you're not doing anything to get sustenance. Certainly not your intention. You're good dawg. Vape away.

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