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Vaping with friends?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by kb24117, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. So I'm considering buying a vape pen because i have asthma. I seriously cannot handle joints/blunts because of asthma attacks. Bongs are fine but you can't take a bong everywhere so what i'm asking is, do people bring vape pens for 3-4 people to use? Or are vapes for home use with maybe 2 people?

    sorry if that was hard to understand, I'm new here, heh.
  2. I have a MFLB and its usually only for 1-2 maybe 3 people. Of course a lot of my friends don't like it because they say they don't get "high" from it. They just don't know how to use it. Ive never used the vape pen your talking about but im sure it will work fine. I reccomend vaping its a lot healthier and tastes a lot better in my opinion.
  3. I'm pretty sure the Solo can get 5-6 people high, but have no personal experience to confirm. It really depends on the vape, as RustyBanana said about the MFLB.

    Desktops can be used like pipes, you can get quite a few people high quickly.
  4. I have the same problem.....

    Vaping is totally different high from smoking marijuana. I would advise that you encourage & educate your friends on vaping.
  5. Actually, bubblers are incredibly smooth for their size. If you can't have a vape, get a bubbler. :D
  6. The Atmos sucks, burns too hot. Some dispensaries have a refillable hash pen (about the size of a big cigar) and syringes filled with hash to inject the cartridge. There are ways to hack the e-cig to get you slightly buzzed, and the only other portable option I know of is the Iolite... Just googled and there are many more cool options! The Iolite is a precarious device because the stem heats up too quick. I'd say just try a different one besides the ones I have mentioned and maybe you'll find a good option. The home use vapes are really efficient and can get an entire room of people stoned. Also you can cook with the old vape debris if you save 1oz/stick of butter ;)
  7. I have used my Solo with 4 peeps. Got stonewall jacksoned.

  8. I don't even think the Atmos should be considered a vaporizer right out of the box. It's really just a battery operated pipe. :p

    There's lots you need to learn about portables, my friend.
  9. You aren't kidding yoshi! There is a whole new world out there since I checked like 3 years ago hahaha.

  10. Oh fuck yeah, man. There's so many different portables now. The puffit looks like a freaking inhaler, for gods sake! :laughing:
  11. Saw that one too! The glass one with the heating mechanism built into it looks legit. Clear glass is growing on me
  12. OP so i was in the same exact situation a long long time ago.

    Bought the mflb and was happy as a bee. Then tolerance got higher for vaping and mflb took way to long to work.

    Started smoking blunts and shit daily again.....

    Bought an arizer solo.

    Amazing battery life

    Kick ass ALL glass pathway for tasty vapor

    No attachment needed to vaporbong

    Gets me and up to like 4-5 other friends RIPPED off one full battery charge easy.

    Dropped it multiple times even on concrete hasn't broke and is barely scratched.

    Conserves more weed then 80% of other vapes and 95% more then other hand helds.

    Your getting one of the TOP convection portables on the market for less then most vapes out there !

    In my opinion skip all the unneeded bells and whistles and go with the arizer solo you WON'T be disappointed and wish you bought something with more kick. Because this bad boy gets the job done.

    Goodluck choosing

  13. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll defiantly look into it

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