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  1. I really want to vape my weed since I feel that it is a healthier way to inhale than smoking; and edibles takes way too long to feel the effects. But even when I vape at a lower temp, 356F, through a three chamber percolator bong with a 5 inch ice column, I STILL burn my throat that takes weeks to fully heal. I saw a survey online in which 55 out of 60 people report the same thing, that's over 90%. This is a real problem that is not well-addressed in blogs or instructional videos. Has anyone experienced this and has resolved it? If so, how do you vape weed without burning your throat?
  2. Stop vaping.
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  3. Thanks, and I will stop vaping if I'm getting from people there are no solutions to this. But it is supposedly healthier than smoking, and taking edibles sometimes takes 3-4 hours to feel the effect. I take it medicinally for anxiety episodes, and I can't wait 3-4 hours when that happens. So I will look for solutions to this first before I throw it out altogether.
  4. make your own edibles using an infused coconut oil. Will take effect after 30-45 minutes. Anything other than coconut oil, you will be waiting for a while.
  5. My wife loves vaping, but I can’t stand it. It burns my throat and chest. So I switched back to regular old smoking and she can keep her pen.
  6. Thanks again. I see your point and it agree that it will be better to make edibles with the cannabis infused coconut oil. I just looked up several recipes, but with the amount of weed required to make 1-2 cups of cannabis infused oil does not make it cost effective compared to vaping or smoking and I am on a tight budget. I will definitely consider this option if I am unable to fine a solution to vaping without burning my throat. Peace.
  7. I set my vape to 357 just because and works fine. Granted I only vape occasionally but I get no throat burn like I did at higher vape temps.
  8. If you're using a bong, try filling it with ice-cold water, that always does the trick for me. Personally, I use an Arizer Solo2 with the long, bent glass tube and that particular one vapes nice and cool.
  9. How about a lower temperature? I like to start at 315° which is very mild but still gets me high. Then later I will up the temps by 10° until the bowl is expired which is the 2nd or 3rd session.

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