Vaping wax on an RDA

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Caleb Bonnell, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. So I recently got into vaping in order to quit smoking...

    I know I sort of jumped the gun by starting out with an RDA, but I like it, although I wouldn't mind having a tank at times...

    Anyways, on to the point of this topic.

    I decided to pick up some wax and try it on the RDA. The only problem I'm having is the wax melts off the coil to fast, then I have to scrape it up to finish it off. At first, I was just using my standard coil (26g Kanthal, .3ohms), but it wasn't working. So I decided to try a "stovetop" coil, which is working a little better.

    What can I do to avoid this melting? I just want to get one good rip then be done for a while.

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  2. Anybody? Over a hundred people have viewed this topic and nobody has any advice???
  3. I mean you have to have some way for it to stay on the coil like ready x wick or cotton. Of course its not going to stay on the coil like that.
  4. Never heard of ready X wick, cotton burns too easily. I'm only putting a "dab" on at a time....
  5. It doesn't matter how much you put on there if it has no way of staying in contact with the coil. If the cotton is burning easily then you are doing it wrong
  6. Ok. Thanks for replying.

    But still, I'm looking for advice here. Just saying I'm doing it wrong doesn't help. Maybe you could offer a tip or two on the "correct" way...
  7. Look up the ready x wick stuff. Try making a stovetop coil incorporating the ready x wick. That is pretty much the best advice I can give you as its the only way I ever have used a RDA for wax and it actually worked nicely.
  8. Awesome! I'll check it out. Thank you.
  9. I have a ecig vapes and a wax vape with an RDA. I found cotton to be a horrible choice for concentrates. The coil will burn the cotton if the cotton runs dry and I noticed more hot hits. Silica wicks like ekowool work much better and do not burn or disfigure, can handle heat of 1800 degrees F, and up to 3000 deg F for short periods of time.
  10. hey there. Im working on the same deal. have you tried ss mess 400 for your wick yet? I oxidize the ss, then roll it like a joint. then put thru my coil. wax stays on. I dont smoke, only vaqpe wax. Give it a try?
    .4ish 26g dual coil. Used some old stainless steel screens I had lying around as wick. No waste at all.

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