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Vaping VS Smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by PresidentKush, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. I only tried vaping for the first time like a week ago. It was awesome, but difficult to gauge the high in comparison to smoking because I was hitting the bong too.

    I've been thinking of investing in one for the purposes of harm reduction and cost efficiency. Hope it's worth it. Atm though I'm forced to reply smoking as I still haven't had a purely vape sesh to judge how good its high really is.
  2. But do you use more weed when smoking to get that noticeable high than you would use just hitting the vape a few times more?
  3. I'm sure once you get one, you'll be using it more and more :)

    Just look on Amazon for everything. They offer a 4-pack of 2700s for 12 bucks or so. You can also grab the grinder and the Box there too. Convenience :)
  4. vape. Smoking just isn't strong enough anymore, eating and vaping get me ripped!
  5. i have an arizer extreme and i definitely prefer smoking it to my roommates hvy shower head perc bong. i prefer the high that it gives and it is far more economical. the health aspect is another big benefit for me as i am into working out. i rip my arizer through an inline bong with 18mm joints i just bought two elbows for the vape so i can use one as an elbow.
  6. ive been smoking for 4 years, vaping for one I use a dbv. Smoking i find makes me groggy later on in the day or night. Vaping gets me a very energetic high with less of a drag later, also vaping saves me bud like 30% a week. If you have alergies like me you will get less smoking related illnesses (sinus infections) from vaping. Still every now and then I get a little to accustomed to the vape high and i have to smoke a j.
  7. vapes highs arent as intense as smoking highs. imo
  8. both are great. equal amounts of both should be observed by all.

  9. Well said brother, You pretty much summed up this. ;)
  10. Smoking j's. The vape us great but it get you so high. Almost to hight to do anything. J over vape but the vape is always great.
  11. vaping when the weed i have is worth vaping.
    if its not frosty i just load up the bong.
    i only smoke jays with friends.
  12. What does vaped weed smell like? Different tha n straight kash?
    Does tolerance rise as fast to vaping, since you use less?
  13. Idk about those questions since i dont vape. Tried it one but to ME it was garbage compared to burning a fresh blunt of some sour by my lonely or with the homies....

  14. The MFLB is almost too good to be true for as little as 100$, and i recommend it to anyone looking for a stealthy, portable vape. Nothing like the satisfaction you get off a nice fat milky bong rip though. :smoke:

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