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    I have a Pax portable vaporizor.
    I just wanted to comment on the lie that is "vaping doesn't smell"
    With my pax, at 390+ it smells like I might as well be smoking if I am inside, lingering for a good hour.
    At 370, with normal full bowls it still very smellable for a good 30 min
    It's only when i pack tiny bowls and vape them at 370 that it doesn't smell much.
    Not only that, but the pax requires cleaning multiple times a week. And when I clean it, the bathroom always smells a little funky afterward. Not like full on weed, but it still smells like vape a bit. And it lingers for quite a long time, which is weird. I can literally walk in to the bathroom a half hour after cleaning my vape, JUST cleaning mind you, no heat applied whatsoever or even any weed. And it still smells in there after like 30 min. I don't even understand it.
    Vaping DOES linger. it doesn't clear out AT ALL for quite a while unless you have some pretty decent airflow through the room.
    I can't even vape in the house because if i open a container of weed for even just few seconds to pack a bowl my room smells for like 20 min. And if I vape, I have to hope that nobody will come in my room for a good hour if i don't want to get caught.
    I'm just saying it isn't super easy to hide vaping. I wanted to post this because I am going off to college next year and will be living in a dorm where I can absolutely not get caught at all. I can vape outside that's no problem. But how do i stay under the rader for say cleaning the vape. Or grinding some up, and grinding absolutely REEEKS.
    For all you new to vaping out there. Don't think it doesn't smell or that you can do it inside a building without people being able to smell it. It is a lie and you will be caught. Vape outside and you'll be incognito. I have come to the realization that it is impossible to hide pot use regardless of if you use a vape or not.

  2. My solo is barely noticeable in smell when I'm sitting next to the person using it in a closed vehicle, maybe your pax is having some issues - it especially doesn't smell like weed when it comes out as vapor, not the smell everyone expects at least.

    I have no experience with the pax though, but have read a lot of rough reviews on it.

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  3. I've never tried the pax, but my MFLB doesn't smell nearly as much as you described. I mean, I can't vape in a closed room with another person and expect them not to smell it, but in my experience, 20 minutes afterwards with the window cracked and ceiling fan and you're golden.
    As far as packing bowls/grinding, my only advice is to spray febreze/ozium if you can afford it afterwards, and turn on the fan. Oh, and wait until AFTER to turn on the fan, otherwise you risk your herb going everywhere! :O
  4. agreed op. Continue spreading the truth.
  5. Me and my friend always take mad bong hits in his room with no smell and the one time we vape the whole house stank. We went out and came back and it had that fresh weed at vape smell. The main reason I don't use it anymore is because it reeks so much.

    Hiding smoke is so much easier. As long as you clear the hit and blow into either a well made spoof (made out of a water bottle) or a smokebudy your usually good with smell.
  6. I would never say it doesn't smell, but with my silver surfer, I haven't had a single problem. I do have the standard glass, which means i manually put the whip on the heating element for my hit and remove it after the hit, usually before my lungs are fully expanded to clear the whip. This helps me keep the vapor in the whip and my lungs only before blowing the vapor out the window, with a fan blowing out. I also Towel the door and have a small fan in front of it to keep vapor from traveling.
    Pax smells when the bud is just heating up too, which is attributed to the bud always in contact with the heating element (or in this case, oven)
  7. I never notice any smell.  :confused_2:
  8. I dont think most people while using the unit will think the smell is very offensive, but I have had many people tell me that my truck reeks of weed after 1 solo bowl and my room never loses the weed smell even though I only vaporize. Dont fool your selves people, vaping smells a lot.
  9. The only really non-smelly vape I've ever used is the MFLB. I think that when you're perpetually heating your bud, it's just gonna smell, but with this particular unit, you're only heating it up to take a hit, then letting it cool.
    At school, the only suggestion I can give you is to sploof it up, open your windows/use a fan, and get a big grinder so that you can grind up a ton at a time and not have to open up your main stash very often. These are the tactics I use at my parents' home when I'm there, and these are the tactics I'll likely employ when I go to college.
  10. I use a mflb and it doesnt smell at all..just because your vaporizer smells doesn't mean ALL vapes smell like that, doesnt necessarily make it a lie..lmao
  11. Like I said most people while using or after using a vape will not think it smells much. Just because you dont think it smells doesnt mean it does not smell. I have used a MFLB on many occasions and it smells.
  12. Smoking multiple bong packs will smell FAR more and linger much longer than vaping.
    That being said, vaping isn't magic and yes there is still some smell when vaping but with a fan on/window open, vapor dissipates far quicker than smoking in a room does...I have tested both options with a friend walking into my room sober after I have smoked, then after I vaped and he said there was an extremely noticeable difference and with the vape it was a very faint smell, which could be easily covered with some incense or a sploof.
  13. The situation in which you smoke has a lot to do with how much a room will smell after the fact. I, quite consistently, vaporize with my PAX in the bathroom just before I take a shower. I stand at the window, with the exhaust on and blow directly out said window. I also make sure to just hang my hand on the window sill with the PAX outside. I will smoke a well packed bowl (which will last me about 10-15 minutes) and when I am done I will hop in the shower. When I come out, my brother and I live on the 3rd floor of our house, I ask him if he can tell that I vaped and he always says no. He's not a smoker like that and will smoke maybe a half dozen times a year. So I trust that when he says he can not smell anything (especially considering his door is less than 6 feet from the bathroom) it really doesn't smell. 
    Also, yes opening your stash will smell far worse than vaping (at least in my opinion). That's why I will usually pre-grind most of my current stash and pack a bowl before stepping in the house, after work. I will have it ready to go and just pull out the PAX when I am ready to smoke. 
    It's all about prep. If you get lazy, you will get caught. If you are pro-active and cautious, unless you are caught in the act of vaping, you will be fine. 
  14. It smells but it smells far less than smoke.
  15. sure, theres some smell, but its not like blazing weed full on. 
    light a candle, problem solved. heck, even striking a match oughta do it.
    NEVER in 4+ years of vaping had my car reek of vape. crack a window :confused:
    computer rooms another story....but theres plenty of other stuff going on in there ;)
  16. I believe part of the OP's problem is the Pax, it's a conduction vape if I'm not mistaken. Meaning the MJ is being heated directly the whole time it's on.
    My EQ smells very little, and what smell there is usually comes from the dirty whip or bowl.
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    [quote name="lessthanjeezy" post="18227965" timestamp="1371567350"]

    [/quote]Smoking multiple bong packs will smell FAR more and linger much longer than vaping.

    That's what I'm getting at though... we can take all the bong rips we want without any smell but if we vape it reeks even if we use a spoof.

    That being said I did hit my box vape in my room everyday for like a year and a half and never got caught, but people would sometimes comment on how it smells like skunk or sour cabbage lmao
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  18. With my puffit I've vaped in the same room as non-smokers and noone noticed a thing. 
  19. haha, ya i hit a bar super ripped...wore a long sleeve and had the solo hidden in my hand :cool: no one suspected a theme.
    movie theatres have happened before too. ghost hits arent mandatory, but good practice then.
  20. I agree it does smell a little but there are hash oil cartridges that DOES NOT smell. I shit you not. These are wonderful and give you a taste of oil still.
    I do not know the name but it might be hash oil cartridges or butane cartridges.
    They run about $50-$60 for a gram.
    They last a good week sometimes more.

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