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Vaping oil?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by GreenExperience, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. I went through a few threads on here and see that people like to vape oil. Wouldn't that be bad for you though, what do you get out of it? Enlighten me.
  2. Exactly what I was looking for. I bought my first vap pen and it has an oil attachment. What do I put in there? Essential oils? If so, do I put it in pure? What do i get out of it?:rolleyes:
  3. Noobs learn what oil is haha!
  4. Lol right.
  5. Ill enlighten you..google bho :)
  6. Wow, this forum is full of smart asses and no help. Thank guys! :eek:

  7. Well the answer's been given to you. I don't see why you're complaining.
  8. Well im totally new to vaps. I have checked BHO. So i stuff this into the oil attachment on my pen? Doesnt sound right. I wasnt even interested in BHO answer, I was talking about essential oils or whatever you can out in the attachment. You gotta start from some where and right now I have zero knowledge of oil attachment on a vap pen.

  9. Alright, you don't seem to understand the point of the BHO thing.

    You got an OIL attachment.
    What is BHO?... Butane hash OIL.
    What is a vape made for?... To vaporize weed... Not orange juice... WEED.
    So if you have an OIL attachment on your VAPE it's not to vaporize orange juice oils.

  10. A new member comes in here asking for advice on something that he knows nothing about, and you respond with THIS crap?

    I'll tell ya what, Timotonx, newbs to this forum, such as yourself, need to know what this forum is all about and one of the things that this forum is about is to provide a place for people to learn...........It is NOT a place for a holier than thou attitude such as yours.

    To Green Experience and jbeezy, I wish I knew enough about concentrates to help you out here, but even though I've used weed longer than most here have been alive, I, like you, know nothing about them, so hopefully, someone can come in here and give us both a lesson on this topic.
  11. Haha I don't like people like you tryna get everybody wrong for no reason.
    My comment was nothing but a joke and a clue at the same time. Personaly if I would have received my answer I would have been like mmm lets google weed oil or something like that which would have led me to BHO and an eventual answer.

    Plus I just explained him the exact point of the oil attachment so you have absolutely no reason to come and make that bitchy comment that wasn't even helpful to the OP.
  12. You explained with a post that ended with, "So if you have an OIL attachment on your VAPE it's not to vaporize orange juice oils.
    Understand?", which is pretty fucking condescending.

    No new member coming in here looking for advice deserves to be treated this way. How about a bit of respect for someone that is just looking for a bit of knowledge, even if they don't know as much about a particular subject as you do, instead of talking down and ridiculing them for not knowing.

    I wish I could help the OP, but I know just as much about this subject as he does, but calling you out on your "bitchy" response to him is well deserved.
  13. Yo if I don't explain things as YOU would it's not my problem.
    And I tried to explain, did you? NO, all you been doing is blaming and criticizing.

    Nuff said. I won't come back on this thread.
  14. Amen and thanks for the back up. I thought I got into a forum full of miserable people. Im going to do my homework and see what I can come up with because I dont see how i am gonna stuff BHO wax into the attachment. :smoking:
  15. Of course I didn't try to explain because like I said, I know nothing about this topic. I read the title, and came into this thread because I had the same questions as the OP, but rather than getting an education on something that I know nothing about, but the first thing I was hit with was your smart assed comment about being a noob and than laughing about it.

    And yeah, I apologize for taking this thread off topic, and this will be the last from me regarding this, but I think that this really needed to be addressed. People coming in here looking for information shouldn't feel intimidated for doing so.

    (off my soapbox and done...)
  16. Smile Timotonx. Dont be so grumpy. All I asked is for help and you really didnt give it. You gave me a puzzle to figure out and it seems the puzzle doesnt fit. Anyways, thanks for the effort and for real...smile man. I am sure there was a time you knew nothing about this either. No need to be so grumpy.
  17. Heyheyheyheyhey..look i didn't mean it like that damn, takin shit too personal.. I literally meant google bho because thats most likely what the attachment is for..if it is for essential oils then I'm almost positive thats for tobacco oils, like the e cig oils..not bho, especially if you have you take the weed attachment off to put the oil attachment on, sorry guys didn't mean to start an argument, were all friends here! All fellow blades, so no need to make each other mad
  18. I know a bit about concentrates. There are different kinds, more viscous and less viscous waxes, BHO, QWISO and CO2 to name 3. You can dab with any of them. There's hash oil, which can be put in a dropper and usually used with E-cigs. I'd have to do more research if I want to give a detailed answer, but here's a bit. :wave:
  19. If it says it's for essential oils then it's almost definitely for hash suspended in vg or pg just like nicotine would be for an ecig. Most dispensaries will just sell these prefilled and disposable since they're a bitch to fill on your own.

    And your "weed attachment" is probably actually designed for wax and other concentrates that aren't liquid enough for the other attachment, a lot of pen vapes can take flowers but aren't actually meant for it.
  20. If you look at the metal one it's the dry herb/wax cartridge. The brown one is actually clear and what you're seeing inside of it is hash oil.

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