Vaping nicotine?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sykdom, May 24, 2006.

  1. Is this possible? I have some loose tobacco that I want to vape in my lightbulb vape (just as an experiment). I just want the normal nicotine buzz without all the tar.

    Is this possible? Is there some unknown, possibly dangerous fact I'm overlooking? Input would be appreciated before I try it.
  2. the only thing vapes really do that would make a difference would be no lighter fluid or any of that shit the Tar is in the tobacco
  3. So ultimately you're saying that all smokers should vape?

    Lol. There has to be some downside.
  4. Not really I personally wouldnt vape tobacco I like smokin cigarettes but thats where the weed comes in :bongin: :bongin:
  5. i dont think anything would happen... the point of a vaporizer is to heat up to 200 degress... the temperature at which thc is released... unless nicotine releases at the same temperature as thc, you wouldnt be doing anything and people would be laughing at you. However, im not 100% that everything i just said was true. so try it or trick someone else into doing it and see how it goes!
  6. There is a major downside when vaporizing weed.

    Ignition of the weed releases a bunch of cannabinoids that contribute to both the high and the pain-relieving porperties of marijuana, and vaporization heats the weed to a temperature just at the boiling point of THC, but just below the ignition of the plant material and many of the cannabinoids. This is why many people claim that vaporizing gives a clearer head high as opposed to a really stoney and sedated type high. Other than that, vaporizing is much much better than smoking (healthwise) and there really are no bad side effects.

    The boiling point of nicotine is 240 degrees so it may not even vaporize in a high quality vape like a volcano (b/c even at the highest setting the weed doesnt really burn) but i have a vapor brothers that gets pretty hot before burning the weed so if you want one of those it's probably your best choice.

  7. anything with an active compound that will vaporize under the temp the inactive burns at will work

    some items are burned up before they can vaporize requiring treatment to be freebaseable nicotine isn't such a substence sooo vap away just don't overdo it as nico is a poison thc isn't
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  8. so what is the downside of vaping weed?

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