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Vaping Mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aulfet, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I just got a Vapor Brothers last night and killed the last of my diggity dank stash. I have been a long time smoker, but this was my first true vape session and I absolutely loved the high. I'm itching to have a lengthy session tonight with this 2g bag of middies I've had sitting around. I don't usually ever smoke mids because I enjoy a solid head high to accompany my body buzz. So, my question is, If I vape up a bunch of middies, apposed to a smaller amount of quality herb, will I still get that mind fucking I very much desire? Or will I have a more dull high?
  2. As long as you keep the temperature at the right level you'll get mostly just the THC, which will equate to a trippy heady high. Higher temps will bring on more couch lock.
  3. Vapes heat up the weed differently so you burn more of the THC and less of the plant matter. You should get a better, more pure high. I made my own shitty vape (CLEAR lightbulb kind) and I got pretty blitzed everytime I smoked out of it. Which was every other day or so for a month or two.
  4. It's really not a matter of 'smoking the plant matter', it's because THC has a much lower boiling point than most of the other cannabinoids.
  5. try heating it up at 12 o'clock, then go down from there. When I first got my vape, all I vaped was reggies lol (embaressing I know) but that method worked.
  6. Never, ever be embarrassed by the weed you get. Until it's legal most of you have to live with what you can find.
  7. Thanks guys, I'm grinding it up now. I'll try experimenting with temperature and see what works best. I'll post back later!
  8. Yeah all I can get is shitty mids myself. That's why I bought a pc grow case and some short autoflower seeds with a good reputation. Why pay for dank when I can get dank for cheaper (it will average out cheaper after a few grows at least).
  9. Yeah i know. I was just stating that the high feels better (at least to me) cuz your not choking on the smoke in your lungs.

    It's kinda like the difference you feel when you take cyanescens when compared to cubenzies or something.

  10. soooo,how was it?:confused:
  11. It was good, but not great. It was the same type of high I was seeking, but no matter how much I vaped I never got that solid head rush I get from headies. However, been vaping headies all weekend and it's been sollllid.

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