Vaping hash oil???

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ImThePiff, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I have some nice headband hash oil, when i vape it how am i supposed to know when its done? I use an eclipse vape and theres always brown liquid left that looks decent still but idk
  2. When it stops producing vapor

  3. Cool thanks for the least helpful answer possible
  4. Kinda straight forward, if you are still getting vapor there must be hash oil.
  5. Incorrect there does not need to be visible vapour to be working

  6. Great the second least helpful question possible

  7. It would be answer not question and I was just telling the other guy you don't need to vapour for it got he working
  8. I never said anything about visible vapor as long as you can feel and taste the vapor it's good
  9. I'm unfamiliar with your vape, i own a delux daddy vaporizer and an arizer extreme. When I smoke any concentrates(hash,oil,kief) I always mix it with flower. It makes the bowl last way longer and hits way harder. If using dense hash, break it up as much as possible. When using oil, I pack the bowl half way with flower, drop a few globs of oil, then finish packing with flowers. take a few tokes, a stir very well. The oil absorbs into the buds. It is finished when you no longer feel anything. Also if u want every last bit out of it, start with a low temp. And raise it every few tokes.
    Im thinkin the dark liquid u have left is vapor resin. And you will still get valuable tokes from it. I always finish my bowl, with concentrates, once the flowers(with concentrates) gets very crispy dry, and gets very brown, much darker then a normal bowl with just flowers.
    I love packing elbow tokes with a bit of flower, then kief from my buster, and bho oil ontop. You can get just as fat tokes as a bong so be prepared.
  10. He has a vape just for oils. Im unfamiliar with it but i doubt the oil itself will fully evaporate
  11. These were the best 2 answers.

    You know when its done when it stops vaping. How is that not a helpful answer? I'm not even being an asshole here..
  12. This forum is full of asses.

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