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Vaping Hash made from ABV?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JBX, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Has anyone here made hash from ABV and then run the hash through your vape??

    Does that work?

    I got about 75 grams of ABV and need to do something with it....and I am terrible at cooking
  2. yeah you can dissolve the stuff with iso then dry it out then scrape the oils. what kind of vape you have?
    i have a PAx so it could work but i can tell you this much from eating ABV it will make you nap
  3. you can make hash, generally turns out pretty nasty though. Like it'll get you high, but it'll be like blackish and taste like asshole

    I'd advise making edibles instead. Even if you are bad at cooking, there are plenty of recipes around online (hell, quite a few on here even)
  4. What thewarden said. I made qwiso with about 14gs of abv and I got a yield of ~1g. However it was hard to light and I still have it from months ago lol. Im not saving to just make edibles.

  5. You don't have to cook. Just smear some organic peanut butter on some cinnamon graham crackers throw on 2 grs. of abv, wrap in tinfoil and put in oven for 22 min at 305 degrees. Bam............firecracker.

    Or...........mix in a few grams into some warm cream, dump into French Press and press some nice ABV coffee. Can do the same with hot chocolate.

    That iso hash made from abv tastes awful. The above recipes hardly taste the abv at all.
    Simple as pie. No complicated cooking here.
  6. Has anyone tried mixing abv with some trim or something to make a little better product? I have like an ounce of abv, and im in the same boat as the op. Last time I added it to chocolate, and it was horrible.
  7. Thank you guys for the advice. I looked around and found a nice abv peanut butter milkshake recipe. I am a smoothie nut already, so took that and added some flavor options of my own and weeeee!

    I have been holding this stuff for all this time with no idea what to do with it....I could have just been eating it...awesome!

    Found a post somewhere here that had a link to the milkshake recipe. I used about 10 g of abv because i know my edibles tolerance, and to be honest, I was somewhat skeptical as to how well just 2 scoops of abv would work.

    It works just fine......i drank about half of it, and am very much a fan of the latest knowledge that you all have given me...

    Milkshake recipe here

  8. before you put it on anything I typically soak it in water to get out all of the nasty stuff that will transfer to the food. you would be surprised with the color you see the water after about 10 minutes.
  9. And thanks for the recipe. Looks gooooooooood !

    (Figured that would be posted at FC. Totally missed this one.)

    Thanks again........... :)

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