vaping bubble hash with extreme q

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  1. i was curious as to what everyones temp range was for vaping hash with an extreme q. i vape my nug from 175C-205C. sometimes a little lower/higher depending on the nug.
  2. depends on the hash, full melt would take less, shittier hash and the temp goes up
  3. How do you smoke hash in it period? I have the Extreme Q and I would worry about it gumming shit up bad. If someone knows a way please post.
  4. well my hash is somewhat on the softer side, but not super gummy. i started it around 180 and noticed the best hits seemed to be in the 200-220 range
  5. this is using the whip
  6. Do u put it in the elbow? or are you packing it regularly in the normal bowl?
  7. smoke it like this
    [ame=]YouTube - Smoking Hash[/ame]
  8. I dont wanna smoke it like that...i wanna smoke it using my extreme q...but thanks
  9. i just break off a piece and drop it in the bowl. i thought about sticking it in the elbow, but i didnt want to clog it
  10. did you even read the thread? Or did you just see hash and thought, "yea I can post that video!" Next time how about you read the thread before you post, because this is about how to vape hash not smoke it. OP I would do exactly what you did. I take a little piece of hash and just drop it in the whip mix with some weed for my Da Buddha. It melts it down and then I use the stirring tool to break it up and it makes any bowl that much better.
  11. Hey!

    I have the extreme q as well. I've found the best way to smoke hash(homemade using the wet news paper trick but instead of the oven i used an iron). The best way i've found to smoke this is by using an elbow joint and packing it with a special mix of mine.

    What i do is i have a shot glass that has just enough weed to fill the elbow joint. I'll use a fresh over used weed from being vaped(plus a little super old weed thats turned to powder from being packed so hard). Ill break off enough hash that i think i want to smoke and add it to the mix. Ill smoke about about 4 or 5 hits off it maybe more. This is ONLY to heat up the hash or atleast warm it. Ill drop it back into the shot glass. and mix and mix with the little stirrer...then with the pipe start sucking on the mouth piece and to fill the bowl. Then with the flat end of the glass stirrer that it came with, ill jam that weed packed tight into the elbow. Then start sucking again and repeat till the bowl is packed full(will be easier to take hips with less but i like the little "struggle"). then crank up to 240-260C and start chugging aaway! after that batch is finished i dump the "burned" weedy hash into a massive jar and repeat the process. So my "brown powder" is kinda a mix of all weedy hash:)
  12. so its basically fress weed mixed with hash and then the hashy brown powder and then a little used vaped weed.
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