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Vaping at the vape competitions.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Ebolling45, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. anyone ever think about what the reactions would be if you took a weed vape to a vape competition ?
  2. whats a vape competition?
  3. Among all the clouds and people attending, I doubt anyone would even notice lol. Some vape brands though just straight up smell
  4. Is that the competition where you have to do the coolest effects like blow rings lol that would be funny and awesome.

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  5. vape competition, i guess it's something about creating the biggest clouds possible in one breath.
  6. It's cloud chasing.

    Those who blow massive clouds of vapour are known as cloud-chasers, and these ‘professional vapers’ take part in cloud-blowing contests called ‘cloud competitions’.

  7. I would definitely do this as long as I was the only person in the contest and the contest were to be held in the confines of my private sanctum.... also, that's how I would talk. I would probably also wear a crown and handlebar mustache. Not a real one of course.

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