Vaping as irritating as smoking?

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  1. I've used a couple of different cheap vaporizors- the ubie, and the "magic box" didn't quite cut it for me. I kept smoking, but concerns over lung health pushed me back toward giving it another go. I found an inexpensive box style which seems to be a huge improvement over the previous models. However, I get some irritation that starts up after a few tokes, it feels different than when smoking- more like a dryness but with the same effect of making my lungs reject the irritants by sometimes violent coughing and resisting inhalation of fresh air. I have adjusted temps without any lessening of this. The sensation is different than with smoking until the coughing starts, but then it's like when you've smoked yourself past your limit and are just harshing yourself- except I'm not quite medicated enough.
    Is this a normal reaction for some, or is something else going on? I worry about COPD...

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    The vapor is just drying your throat out..I always keep a bottle of water  when I'm vaping.
    You might also want to try really cools the vapor down so it's more comfortable to take bigger hits.
  3. Dont use a shitty vape, that is your problem. 
    Quit buying cheap vaporizers and thinking you're gonna pull the best vapor.
    Get something nice - Silver Surfer, Plenty, Evolutions, ect
    You'll be singing another song then :smoking:
  5. Just trying to give the lungs a rest on a disability budget. Guess I gotta start saving my nickels... I'd hate to make an investment in something to find it doesn't work for me.
  6. HIt your vapor through a bong filled with very warm (almost hot) water.     Irritation.......................gone.
  7. I second this! It has become my main source of consumption.
    I use straight hot water in my small 10" bubbler.
    I can blow vapor clouds so huge and dense you'd swear they are smoke with no irritation.
    I try not to blow excessive clouds, though. Very wasteful.
    It is reassuring to the vapor novice though, to be able to blow clouds.

  8. I find vapor to be much more harsh on the throat then smoking.
    And thats through a vaporbros.
    It's reassuring to experts as well.  Love mah clouds.
  10. I do this a bunch and it is worthwhile! 
  11. DOable with a No2?
  12. Anything is doable. Just need to be clever and keep things airtight

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