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  1. Hi all,
    So tonight I am going over to a friend's house to chill and my girlfriend is coming.  My gf is very anti-pot so I vape when she's not around so it doesn't bother her (I don't actually know if she knows I do this, but whatever, I'll do what I want if it doesnt hurt her!) but she was in a weird mood and said she wouldn't mind if I vaped tonight.
    So I plan on doing it.  Any tips on how to make her comfortable around it?  I want to help her see that pot is normal and vaping is harmless and have her have a good experience around people smoking/vaping.  She also said she might try some so any advice on how to help her?  I can't even remember how I was taught how to take a hit properly but I would want it to be a good experience for her (we are using a volcano if that helps).

  2. Tell 'er to hit the road
  3. RELAX. Dont stress her out by making this some kind of super important night where everything goes as planned. Don't ask her a shit load of questions about if she's okay or if shes high or whatever.

    Just let her chill and go with the flow. But most importantly, remember that she's new so she will be good off of like 2 vape hits. Don't let her try and be cool. I've done that where I'm like, i dont feel anything and I'm with a group of dudes so I will try and hang and then the next second I'm fucking blasted. Luckily I can handle my shit pretty well and don't freak out but lots of people do.
  4. just relax open her mind to the idea of enjoying the high. dont get her super blasted though unless you know she wont Trip out
  5. I remember when my girlfriend got high for the first time (this was in college). I made a kief-sandwich and we vaped it. She was high.
  6. If my girlfriend was anti-pot I would tell her to fuck off, honestly. Like me for me, not a pretend version of me that acts different when you are around.
    My ex-girlfriend smoked with me occasionally, then she stopped smoking because she thought it made her lazy. But even she was reasonable enough to understand I enjoyed it and did it with friends, so she never bugged me about it. That's an ideal relationship.
  7. I'd rather have a gf that vapes.
  8. acceptance and regular association with getting high is a lifestyle. if she doesnt like that then she can leave... you need a more compatible relationship partner
    like her ^

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