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Vaping and tolerance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheTrillest, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I was wondering since dabbing is just THC and it poops on your tolerance if you do it often, does vaping have the same effect? Since you're only inhaling the psychoactive vapors they get you higher with less, same with concentrates. So my question is, will vaping take more of a toll on your tolerance, similar to concentrates? This might sound stupid as fuck but it was just a thought I've had since I was using my vape more often.

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  2. I've definitely noticed that I get less high on bowls or joints (well, I barely get high on a single joint regardless) when I go back to vaping everyday for like a week.
    The logic behind it makes sense, if dabbing shoots up your tolerance, vaping has to have some sort of similar effect; I've often thought of what you are mentioning now and came to the same conclusion.
  3. Who said dabs only give you thc? They only really mess up your tolerance because you're hitting concentrate and getting massive amounts of cannabinoids.And vaping doesn't really mess up your tolerance any more than smoking if you're getting the same high. But vaping is like twice as efficient so vaping the same amount can get your tolerance higher because you're actually getting more cannabinoids from the weed.
  4. I don't feel like it messes with my tolerance that much because it gives a different high. Also bongs are a stronger high compared to a vape.
  5. [quote name="OnlyMedicalMarijuanah" post="19393548" timestamp="1390512341"]I don't feel like it messes with my tolerance that much because it gives a different high. Also bongs are a stronger high compared to a vape.[/quote]Then the ganja god's invented vapor bonging. Sent from my SCH-I510 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Bump

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  7. Vaping doesn't mess up with your tolerance like dabbing.
    Your logic is flawed
    Elaborate on how exactly you think the logic is flawed.
    From my perspective, dabs create a vapor that contains a higher ratio of vaporized THC and other psychoactive compounds to vaporized non-psychoactive compounds than smoking.  Comparatively, vaporizing also contains a higher ratio of psychoactive compounds to non-psychoactive than smoking, due to the fact that these volatile psychoactive compounds are not destroyed as much in the decarboxylation process, considering the more heat you are applying during this process, the more psychoactive compounds are being destroyed. 
    Thus, smoking has a lower ratio of psychoactive compounds to non-psychoactive compounds to vaping, much like vaporizing has a lower ratio of psychoactive compounds to dabbing; this indicates that they can all be compared in regards to their affect on tolerance.  
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    If you want the opinion of a vaporist...
    Regularly vaporizing raises your tolerance, but only to smoking. I've been regularly vaping (as opposed to smoking) for over a year now. Maybe close to a couple of years. I typically vape on average anywhere from .5g to 1g through-out the course of a day. Vaping .2g gets me higher than smoking a .6g joint.
    A lot of vaporists also believe that vaporizing slowly lowers your tolerance for vaporizing. That's right. The longer you've been vaping for, the higher you get. How can this be? It's been theorized that your lungs better "receive" the vapor after the gunk from smoking regularly clears up. So if you avoid smoking regularly, vaporizing will seemingly get higher the longer you do it. I don't know if I agree with it - but it's possible. I don't think I've always compared .2g through my DBV to a .6g joint.
    Dabbing doesn't destroy your tolerance unless you abuse dabbing. I hate hearing that dabbing destroys your tolerance, because it's not true. You can dab on the regular without affecting your tolerance in any way. It just depends if you use dabbing to try always get higher than the last time you dabbed (which will push your tolerance). It's simply easier to push your limits with dabbing because you can consume THC faster. If you don't try to get ridiculously stoned every time you dab, your tolerance will stay the same. Perhaps your tolerance towards smoking will increase, but for vaporizing it should remain about the same.
    I know because spend most of my spare time vaporizing and dabbing! I quit regularly smoking awhile ago. All I do is dab and vaporize now. Gets me way higher, and I save tons of money compared to smoking. Occasionally I'll light up with friends because it's fun, but smoking bowls just doesn't do much for me anymore. It's messy, smelly, high-maintenance, risky (constantly dealing with fragile glass), and most importantly - doesn't get me nearly as high.
  10. very informative thanks man

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