Vaping and T Breaks?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by VaperVape, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Ever since I got the Pax two weeks ago I been using it damn near every other day.
    Although I noticed it is time to take a T Break since it is barely touching me anymore.
    I was wondering if a couple day T Break is good.
    Last time I vaped was friday, and I plan to vape again Thursday night.
    Sound good?

  2. I take about 2 days off a week.    Helps to keep my tolerance in check.
  3. Just finished a two weeks t-break from my Arizer Solo, and god was I high the few first times. But the problem with a vape is that the tolerance skyrockets waaaayyyyy too fast. Long t-breaks aren't that much worth it if you go back to your old habits.
  4. Start working out consistently and you wouldn't need t break.

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    I work out consistently and I need t-breaks.    If I vape every single day, my tolerance increases.
    Everyone is different.   You can't make general assumptions like that with any kind of validity.
  6. If you not sweating while working out then it not a workout. I've read your running posts on FC but I don't see you doing weight training, sprints or calisthenics that will make you sweat for real. That's the type of workout that'll keep your tolerance low.

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    Sweat for real?   Are you fracking kidding me?    After a 4 mile run, I lose between 2.5 to 3 pounds in water weight ESPECIALLY if it's a bit warm or humid outside.    My t-shirt is so sopping wet, I can wring it out and sweat drips off of it as if I just took a shower in it.  And when I say a bit warm and humid, I mean anything above 75 degrees at 50% humidity which is kinda typical where I live in SoCal.
    And after that 4 mile run, I do calisthenics in the form of 20 min. of stretching and a bit of weight training in the form of 3 to 4 sets of 15 reps of pushups and 2 sets of 10 reps of pull-ups and that's with about 198 lbs. of body weight (large frame at 6'2")........................and I'm 70 years old.    
    Got some old rotator cuff tears that happened when I was doing flys on the pulleys back when I was a dedicated gym rat.   Let my arms straighten out a bit too much.    Fucking dumbass I was.    So yeah, no more iron for me.
    Now granted, my tolerance is pretty damn low and I attribute some of that to working out, but I know damn well that if I vaped every single day, regardless of the amount that I worked out, my tolerance increases.
  8. Ok I jump rope 5-10 mins as warm up so you already know I'm soaking wet before I start working out. I hurt my rotator cuff few months ago messing with heavy bench press so now I'm going back to light weight to perfect my form.

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    Be careful with those rotator cuff injuries.    They can last for the rest of your life.    My injury occurred more than 25 years ago and I was totally pain free up until a year ago when that ache came back.    Had an MRI and it showed an old injury (tendon tear) in the cuff and I remember exactly when it happened over 25 years ago.   Those things just don't want to heal.   What brought it back was a combination of doing some curls along with doing pushups with my hands a bit too close together.     Doing wide stance pushups now and stopped doing those curls and the pain is gone......thank God.   Couldn't sleep on that side at all, but now I can.     It's under control now, but those tears are still there.   They typically don't heal unless you stop doing anything for a long time (like a year), but I could never do that.
    So, moral of the story..................if you've had a cuff injury, you're going to have to alter a bit how you do things..............probably for the rest of your life if you don't want that pain to return.

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