vaping .5g vs smoking .5g joint

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by koopGT, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone, so the title basically says it. All i have ever done is vape, i have never smoked. but vaping is more of a hassel sometimes pending where i am.
    when i vape, i use my magic flight launch box, and it works wonders. if i vaped .5g in one sitting, i would be a goner, but now lets say i roll a .5g joint, ive heard you get more out of your weed from vaping than smoking, but my questino is how much of a difference is there?
    to make this question easier to answer, ill put it this way, lets say .5g in my magic flight gets me to a 10/10 high, where would the joint put me on that scale, 8-9? thanks in advance for the help :)

  2. it's a pretty different high and experience altogether.. i don't think i would even compare the two. you would probably be "higher" from vaping it, although since you've always been vaping you might get hit extra hard by smoking a joint to yourself since it's an unfamiliar feeling
  3. A .5 Joint to the head would get me to a 10. I couldn't imagine trying to vape that much in one sitting especially out of my underdog that gets me to a 10 with about .1. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. haha, yeah, i dont ever vape .5g in one sitting lol, just was throwing numbers out there. but yeah, an eighth lsts my gf and I roughly 2 weeks, and we vape every night.
  5. Its different when you vape a lot.  I got to the point where i've vaped so much that I get a lot more stoned when I smoke.  More of a head rush
  6. It all depends. I've vaped entire days, and then packed a tiny little bowl before bed and it got me RIPPED. Probably because I haven't inhaled any smoke throughout the course of the day.
  7. I cant feel a bong hit that fully goes through 2-3 times what my solo bowl holds, but one solo bowl gets me a good high. The other day I had a similar curiosity regarding my tolerance and how much I use. A few bong bowls and a 2 very sad looking regular sized joints kinda gave me a weak and somewhat unpleasant high, 2 bowls from my vape brought me to where I wanted to be but still had this odd feeling going on, like a hum on the back of my skull. 
  8. I still do smoke occasionally but mostly vaping. Two bowls from my arizer solo will get me higher than a solo 1g blunt.

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