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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Sweendog, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. I've been looking at this vape here and there and wanted to know if people had any opinions about it around here.

    I have never hit a vapor bong set up before and I've only hit a magic flight box and da buddah.

    I've heard it's better than the volcano on most parameters.

    If you have hit one what was your opinion on the hyrdatube you hit?

    Considering buying one but want to know how people feel about it, pretty expensive but compared to what I spend on glass I guess it shouldn't matter.

    I wouldn't consider myself a huge vape guy, I don't ever use my MFLB but I liked hitting the buddah here and there before my friend sold it. This one just looks different to me and I hear vapor bonging is the shit.

    Let me know your opinions on it thanks.
  2. Have ya seen this? :

    [ame=]Insane Vapor Video Mobius Ion Bubbler with Matrix Perc - YouTube[/ame]
  3. No I haven't actually thanks. Have you ever hit one?

    It seems like everyone loves it but I've never talked to anyone directly with experience with the cloud.

  4. No I haven't. I currently use an LSV, which the general consensus is that it come in a very close 2nd.

    If you want to read reviews on the Cloud, check out the following:

    VapeXhale Cloud | FC Vaporizer Review Forum
  5. I have a Cloud and I love it. I have the SSFG Hydraline and the Swagger Circ, and I like them both for different things. I feel that the Hydraline provides a "softer" hit, where the Swagger is more pronounced; in a sense of harshness. Both of them have minimal to no drag, just a hint more on the Hydraline imo. The Swagger Circ "stacks" very well, not as much as that Mobius Ion though :p

    I use the Hydraline for the first two rips off a fresh bowl and I'll finish it off with the Circ.

    I like that anyone can pick up the Cloud and use it with no prior experience. No messing around with the temperature as your draw speed increases.

    (Swagger on the left, SSFG on the right)

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  6. Yeah I would have to say my favorite is the SSFG inline. Any grips with the EZ load bowl? Like getting too hot or downfalls from being stainless steel?
  7. The only issues I had with the ez load bowls was when I first got the vaporizer was how tight they fit into the glass joint. VXC recommends you "train" them by putting one in and leaving it in overnight or for a period of time. If you are not careful, you can easily burn yourself trying to get the bowl out if you happen to touch the metal top.

    They do get warm and can cause discomfort if I touch one with the skin below my finger nails from pulling them out. (just my technique)

    One downer if you get the SSFG Cloud package, it doesn't come with the stand you see in my picture. The Swagger pieces and some of the new 2.0 versions do. I'd recommend one.
  8. I haven't personally hit one but I've done alot of research on the best vape for vaporbonging and the cloud looks sooooo good. It definitely looks to have the largest vapor production of any of any I've seen. I just wish you had the option to get it without the hydratubes. I don't need anymore glass and it'd be much more affordable that way.
  9. You actually can get it with just a mouthpiece but it still isn't exactly cheap.

    Thanks for the info I'm seriously considering. Just wish I could hit one first.
  10. VapeXhale occasionally has sales. If you can wait for a bit, you may be able to save some cash. I saved $100 on mine when they had a sale for winning the 2012 Cannabis Cup Product of the Year. If you have twitter, follow them. They will post when the sale starts and what it covers. From what I've seen, they are 24 hour sales, so you have to be quick. They also post on the FC thread for the sales too.

    Also, they just recently started selling through some online distributors and I believe some physical head shops as well (from what I've read on the FC thread). Just some things to consider :)
  11. I've only ever heard good things about the cloud. The only negative is the price tag.
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