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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JamicanRum, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. What's these devices like, thinking about buying one this weekend but it will be strange as I only smoke J's.

    Any personal experience info would be great!


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  2. *waits for Iwien , Mr. Potatohead , ren.dnb and Mr. Horsepower since mention is gone. *
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    Google: marijuana vaporizer or even just look at the grass city store. I'd love to explain what a vaporizer is in detail but it heats up the bud enough for all of the amazing cannabinoids to be vaporized aka turned into vapor (think water turning into steam). It doesn't combust aka make smoke so it's much better for your lungs.
  4. Look up the pax by ploom it's expensive put well worth the money and it feels more like smoking a joint compared to other vaporizers that I've used
  5. Magic Flight Launch Box.

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  6. i have mixed feelings on vapes. vaping a gram will get you 10 times higher than smoking a gram but it will take so long to do so, and you will have to cough so much if you take decent hits. its almost not even worth it when you can get like 5 really good bong hits and get super blazed and not have to sit there and just vape.
    oh and this one time an acrylic vape i had caught on fire and i got a lung full of acrylic smoke. shit burned for about 12 hours even after i poured water on it and put it in the freezer. if i die early its probably going to be because of that. 
    honestly, if youre not going to be smoking a lot, just fuckin dont even bother vaping shit.. most vaporizers are made of horrible toxic shit too

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