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  1. Are there any vaporizors that don't continuously vape and therefore don't waste vapor between pulls? Besides volcano?
  2. magic flight dude, dat shits epic
  3. Silver surfer/ Da buddha. Mflb waste of my money
  4. Thanks guys. I'm a little confused because nowhere that's selling/reviewing these pieces mention anything about whether vapor is continuously going out or just when you pull.

  5. Because it is common sense. If there is no fan on (or built in), there is no vapor being produced continuously. In vaporizers that rely on continuous conduction heating, like the myrtlezap or purple days, there is some vapor loss in the form of condensation on the stems, but it is negligible.

  6. I just don't know that much about vaporizers. Thanks. So what you're saying is only the ones with a fan will continuously produce vapor? Is there a way I can tell which ones do and don't?
  7. Most vaporizers such as the Extreme Q will have a fan setting that you can turn on or off depending on what you like.

    Since when did getting high have to be so complicated..

  8. I want to get the most THC out of the weed I purchase.

  9. Yea i know haha my bad i didnt mean to sound disrespectful. When you get your vape make sure you vape bong! Best thing EVER!

  10. Haha I know, it's cool. How do you vape bong?
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    connect vape to bong.. vape bong

    btw.. i recommend the Extreme Q vape if you are in the market.. great entry level to a new user as it gives you both options with a whip and a bag... also very easy to use and works amazing.. seriously can get ripped on .1g with the Extreme Q... It's a great vape for someone whos been around vapes for awhile too... I may also look into a Purple Days one day.. but atm.. i don't need another vape when i got an EQ and MFLB..
  12. Vapor Bothers are good.

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