'vapes get you higher'

Discussion in 'General' started by Skald, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I keep reading about vaporizers getting you higher off the same amount of bud than smoking does. I don't really think this is true, not for me anyway. I've tried electric and manual vaporizers and enjoyed them, but still a bong hit gets me higher. Maybe balloon vapes work because you take a very large hit, but i haven't tried one of those. Any people who have tried both vaping and smoking? What gets you higher?
  2. i don't think either get you higher. the vape high is a different high. more heady really. very "clean". sometimes when smoking bongs you get high and lethargic. but when smoking vapes you don't really get that. at least not in my experience and i vape a lot. but i also smoke a lot.

    i personally like smoking bongs a lot more than i like hitting my vape. but it has nothing to do with the high that comes out of it. i like the feeling of ripping a bong a lot more.
  3. I go off and on vaping.

    Ill vape a week straight then feel like smoking a bong.

    Two different highs, and you conserve a ton of bud.

    I can smoke bongs for hours, but you get too stoned to put the vapeshit in a bag, put more weed in, screw it on, so i just put it away.
  4. You got the right idea. I vape more cus I can't rip a bong in school or when my parents r home but with my bong, I get a more intense, head high. The vape kinda gives me a not so intense high throughtout my whole body. Vapes and bongs are too much work to clean up when your high. I always end up spilling bong water on myself for some reason..
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUuStKURavk]YouTube - MANswers - Which method of smoking weed can get a dude the highest?[/ame]
  6. funny vid, and informative also.
  7. lol, that video is hilarious

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