vapes are AWESOME!!!

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  1. i bought the topoo vaporizer vp-100 and tested it out today on a nick of schwag that my friend gave me for free. it took a blunt and a shitload of bong hits to actually feel the high off these low quality regs when i first sampled it. but with my vape...OMG....i was fucking high. i did not think a vaporizer would be this fucking actually mad at myself for not buying one sooner.i could have saved my lungs alot of stress while getting high as FUCK!!!

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  2. duuuuuuuude i hear ya... bought my buddha 2weeks ago consumed 1,5g through it yet, but from 0,5 got me high 5 evenings.... i love this thing!
  3. Not sure 500 Degrees is giving your lungs that much relief
  4. 356F-374F (180C-190C) is standard for a first vape of greens.

    Many people will vape again at a slightly higher temp, like 374F-392F (190C-200C), or even a bit higher. It is all about personal preference. Regardless, don't forget to save your browns for baking!

    500 is basically the maximum most vapes will go up to. This isn't just because it is basically smoking, but also because some models feature aluminum heating elements and prolonged higher temperatures are not recommended.

    Read more about it in the Toking Tools section, or try as a supplemental resource.

    Welcome to the world of vape! :)
  5. I have a da buddha too, I love it!
  6. That is THE worst vape you can buy, i also bought it as my first. Its put together in china for about $2 and sold for $50, low quality and i felt genuinely worried about having it plugged in.

    Seriously get a DBV, Volcano, Extreme Q or Purple Days cos if you like that piece of shite your gonna bust a nut over these.
  7. lol 500

    and you're not inhaling a fucking shit load of tar and crap thats in pot

  8. the pic is off the internet,i know better than to set it at 500 lol. 500 degrees will ignite my bud! lol

  9. i heard a lot of mixed reviews over this vape,and what won me over was how cheap it was. i am gonna get a better one eventually but this will do the job for now. :)

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