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Vapes and Seeds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bubonic kronic, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, so my b- day is rapidly approaching and I'm going to end up with some extra money.

    So first thing I want to buy is a vape... I have never had one before, my budget is 150$ and below...I want the best vape for 150$ that there is. Suggestions?

    Secondly, me and my buddy are going to start growing for our first time ever outdoors, we really like the feminized Himalaya Gold seeds from Green House Seeds. Are these a good beginner grow... thoughts and opinions? other strains that would be appropriate?
  2. The best vape for your price range is def the VaporBros. THere is no better vape for under $300
  3. I second this notion.

    I personally bought this no-name black box with the heating element and you put the bowl arround the element, works pretty nice, but I looked into more vaporizers (after I bought mine :( ) and I would suggest the VaporBro's. From the reviews it looks like the most accurate for the price.
  4. perfect pick out man on the vape...i will prob get a vapor bro.
    word on the seeds?

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