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Vaperizor question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by krunch53, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. hey all new poster been smokin for a few years now just wondering can i use a incandescent light bulb if i clean it out properly and everything or is there another type of glass jar or something i can use ?
  2. You got to add some sort of solution to clean the inside otherwise its got some chemical powder thats really dangerous and I wouldnt recomend using a lightbulb if you really want to vape just get a mflb for $80 its the only vape under $200 that I recomend
  3. Ive seen someone just use hot water and table salt in the lightbulb to wash it out. You dont really need a special solution. The salt is used as an abrasive and it cleans it right out. Never tried it just seen someone do it
  4. Salt might be it im just really high and tried the lightbulb thing years ago
  5. I got the vapor RXT it's a pen vape that does both dry herb and wax but so far I've only used weed in it and it does create vape clouds but no matter how much I smoke out of it it just doesn't get me high. Is a vape high way different from smoking it or am I doing something wrong?
  6. And I've herd the lightbulb vape works really good.
  7. MFLB all the way, cheap and effective.
  8. ^^thats what I'm going to get if I can't get high off mine.
  9. Forget the light bulb. Its often done incorrectly and still isn't a suitable alternative to a real Vapourizer imo. Arizer solo is my preferred portable herb vape.
  10. Salt might be it im just really high and tried the lightbulb thing years ago

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