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    What do you guys do with ur vaped weed, id hate throwin it away.. should i wait till i have like 2-3 grams and roll a blunt... that should prolly get me somewhere or wait till i have ALOT and make brownies?:smoke:bakd

  2. i just got a vape, i dont hold onto it yet, i plan on doing that soon

    smoking vaped weed could not be pleasant tho, but from what i hear on here it makes for some sick edibles, which i think takes a lot lot less than 203 grams to make
  3. Save alot and cook with it. You can try smoking it if your dry, but it taste like ass.
  4. I just smoked out of a vape for the first time a couple weeks ago :D But yeah the dude i smoked with said he was gonna save a ton of it and make brownies. I really dont know how much you need, but he had an entire tin filled up.
  5. Ssave up your vaped bud and use it or edibles. You really don't need as much as you'd think :)

  6. i meant 2-3... haha stoned

    but yea how much would i need for brownies
  7. I dont really care about edibles. So i save mine up and roll huge ass blunts. lol
  8. Once I got 30 gs saved up. Made a killer batch of cookies. I put all the 30 grams into 2 sticks of butter. Made like 10 or 12 nice big potent cookies.

    I dont have that much bud around anymore if you know what i mean, so when I go dry for a few days every once in awhile i just toke it outta the b.

    gets the job done if you're fiending.

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