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Vaped Weed.. What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Spalumbo, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Ok hey guys.. I recently purchased a Volcano Vaporizer a couple months ago, needless to say i have a very nice stash of partially vaped bud. Most of it is very very light brown or even still has shades of green in it. I dont allow the weed to be smoked down to dark brown or even black, i dont like the harshness or the intense smoke. I purchased my volcano for health purposes. I dont want people commenting saying "SMOKE IT!" i dont "smoke" weed anymore, too many health issues and risks. Im looking to either cook with it, make some butter, oil, or some alcohol mixture. I have VERY minimial experience with cooking with weed, so ANY expert advice would be greatly appriciated. Also any links to recipes or your own recipes reguarding vaped weed will be SUPER helpful. PLEASE DONT POST RECIPES UNLESS ITS ABOUT VAPED WEED. ITS OBVIOUSLY EASY TO FIND REGULAR POT RECIPES.

    Thanks ahead of time.
  2. ... Its the exact same recipes... Just double the amount of bud, or even triple it
  3. No.. it wouldnt be the same recipes.. The bud has already lost a decent amount of its THC, meaning it wouldnt need to be cooked for as long, and im guessing the temeratures would be different too....
  4. Actually 5x it.

    Or you could straight up eat vaporized weed, but you gonna have to have a strong stomach because that shit doesn't taste too good :eek:
  5. make hash or firecrackers. search qwiso and firecracker pictorial

  6. nobody fucking listens / reads..... o_O
  7. IT IS THE SAME AS NON VAPED WEED! just use a rrecipe and use like 5x the amount you regularly used...this is the only thing to do if ur not gunna smoke it.

    I usually just dump the whole bag of my abv into peanut butter, mix it up and then cook it. i dont measure anything but in the end i have some edible weed-peanut-butter. i just spead it on crackers and eat em
  8. its like they say, you use the exact same procedure like with normal recipes, you just doulbe, or triple the amount. If your bud still has green specs doubeling should be sufficient, triple it if you want a strong dose. No longer/shorter cooking time is needed, its just bud with less thc than the original bud. The only thing that changes is that you can skip the step of decarbing it.

  9. Dude.. with vaped weed you would literally have to use damn near a whole sleeve of crackers.

    I would try the alcohol extraction method to try to make some hash. That's IF you have a nice amount.
  10. Calling bullshit.
    I've made GREAT firecrackers with as little as a teaspoon of vaped weed.

  11. Awesome...

    Unless he has the tolerance of an 8 year old girl he's not going to get high off a teaspoon on vaped weed.
  12. #13 RandomThoughts, Mar 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2012
    He stated that he has minimal experience with cooking weed, I'd say then he's likely to be not all that experienced with edibles.
    For those that haven't had edibles much or at all, any edible is likely to just wreck them.

    As for your comment on tolerance, on the flipside I could say that not everyone has pothead level tolerance. I vape weed every day and my edibles get me through a good 5-6 hours.
    Perhaps not on a teaspoon of vaped-to-a-crisp weed, but moderately vapes as he's described what he has left over, there's no reason you couldn't make an excellent edible on that much. If you need more I'd recommend a break.

    Also OP, have made butter with post-vape - works just fine.
    If you add about 2/3 of the surface area of the butter (just roughly) in post-vape, you should make a butter that's pretty respectable strength.
    As far as I know, the method is the same for this and un-vaped weed.
  13. Honestly me and my bf have made joints with vaped weed from our mflb and it wasn't too bad.
  14. Like the Burgeron cheeses man, just eat it.

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