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Vaped Weed Joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joe799, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys vape apprentice here.
    I heard you can get a buzz off vapid weed, I wanted to know if I can get high from smoking alot like 3-4 joints. It would be smarter to save for edibles but they don't agree with my stomach :(

    Should I smoke it?
  2. It works. I've been smoking some of mine, since my first 90gs worth of avb went towards cannabutter that I couldn't keep down for more than 30 seconds. I advise doing it out of a bong, though. I find it a little harsh.
  3. I sometimes use it as a filler when smoking a joint with hash or concentrate, It tastes like shit, gives you a bit of a headache but does give you a little high. Not really worth it to be honest, I just save mine until I have 50 or 60g and make QWISO with it, which is what I recommend you do.
  4. I would love to save enough for QWISO but I'm living at home and large amounts are things I try to stay away from, I'm going to roll this shit up and let you guys know what happens
  5. Alright guys three pretty lazyly rolled filterless joints later and Iève got a nice buzz going on and my dealer just texted me, vaped weed provides a pretty nice buzz I like it

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