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Vaped weed in brownies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by highflyer1212, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. does it work? any suggestions?
    I have a lot of vaped weed that i keep in a huge ass jar and want to make some baked goods soon lol :smoke:
  2. Works very well!
    Check out some recipes for AVB in the Edible section!
    20 grams per batch of brownies works out fine <3
    About 1g a brownie

  3. thats what i like to hear :wave::smoke:
  4. ARE YOU FOR REAL!!??!? YOU CAN VAPE IT THEN EAT IT????..............Im buying a vape
  5. vaped weed is awesome no lie
  6. Fact!:hello:

    if your hurtin you can also suck some into the vape and get a pretty nasty couple rips off of it that will get you stoned. Helpful if low on medication.
  7. you can also smoke it.
  8. mmm avb butter. i do this about 3/4 times a year. its nice getting fucked up for what is essentially, free
  9. 1g vaped won't do much. 2g's vaped gets you high.
  10. avw is a different high too.
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLN40q7o60c]YouTube - HOW TO Cook POTENT BROWNIES from Post-Vape (ABV) - 20 Grams [Updated][/ame]

    Kads Baker has a great tutorial on that.
  12. I am trying these tonight for a nice 420 batch! Anyone try this method with just adding the AVB rather than simmering prior? I am gunna try it this way as Kads and many other comments on his youtube channel said they are much more potent by just adding to the batch.
  13. You can cook vaped weed? Holy shit I am getting a vape asap...
  14. Fuck sake. I need an MFLB!
  15. im slowly building my vaped stash as well :) many different strains have been vaped and all have been bundled up...
  16. So vaping doesnt get you as fucked up as smoking then?? Considering there are still chemicals left to be cooked?

  17. I believe that vaping gets you a higher percentage of the THC from your herb, but leaves some of the other cannabinoids that give you the body high. Therefore, vaping is said to give more of a head high.

    The ABV can then be reused to glean that last bit of THC and the cannabinoids left behind.
  18. I dont know if the above poster is right bout the body/head high part

    i have vaped ALOT of purp and i can say i had a body high, the reason people associate head highs with vapor is because when you smoke the carbon monoxide relaxes you (its smoke) and you sort of chill out, not saying i never smoke because i love blunts and bongs as much as anyone else

  19. It's like separating the smoke from one huge drag that would leave you coughing for 10 minutes and have you fucked out of your mind into a few light-on-tha-lungs vapor hits of the different temperature released cannaboids, so you can hold them in longer and get more in your blood stream, and less lost in smoke and shit or lost when you can't hold in the hit because its too coarse.
  20. Hmmm righto im trying to decide whether or not a vape is for me because i love the idea of saving my lungs some trouble and conserving a bit of bud....but on the other hand sometimes i just like to completely write myself off for the night.

    Guess i could always alternate between a mflb and my pipe :)

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