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Vaped weed for edibles?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by The_J0ker, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Has anyone tried this? Do they work? I've heard they can get you stoned if you have a lot; if so, how much do you need? (per firecracker)
  2. half a gram per cracker? maybe .7 if u can fit that much on one. 5 crackers should get the job done :smoking:
  3. Vaped herb does work for edibles, you just need significantly more. For a vaped firecracker, I'd do 2gs-2.5gs. It also depends of course, on how lightly/heavily you vape your stuff. I know people who only lightly vape their herb, and im sure 1.5gs would be more than enough.
  4. why would you put yourself through that mannn??? Like Fumar said.... depends how vaped it is. I usually save my vaped weed to smoke when I run out, or make ISO. But yeah... to me it seems like a vaped weed firecracker would just taste like a bucket of assholes.
  5. My friends and I have done it for brownies several times. It does work. We usually end up putting like 1/2 oz of vaped stuff(weight after being vaped, who knows what it was before) into a batch of brownies...but then we cheat and add like an 8th of dank to the oil as well. haha

    They always work REALLY well.

  6. pretty sure that 8th is doing most of the work! And damn... you guys probably get really high! :hello:
  7. Lol at this. You think eating vaped weed is nasty but you're SMOKING vaped weed? That's digusting and you won't even get high that way because the weed only has 5% thc left. You'll have to smoke 20x as much. At least if you use enough vaped weed you can get stoned off edibles, if you use enough. and I can never taste the weed in edibles anyway so that's definitely the way to go. bottom line is dont smoke vaped weed thats silly
  8. Yeah I do. It is more nasty, but I would rather smoke it instead of having a lump of nastiness sitting in my stomach. And it's true, you do need more, and you don't get has high. You get stoned. Really stoned. It's gross, but it goes by quick... and you get so stoned that you forget how nasty it is in a few minutes.

  9. I feel like smoking vaped weed just defeats the purpose of vaping it in the first place. Unless of course you just really like the high that vaping gives vs the high of smoking :rolleyes:
  10. you can also re-vape it,just pack a bigger bowl and a lower temp
  11. I buy empty gel capsules at a local health food store, and pack those things with my vap's herb. Typically, I pop a couple of those before bedtime, and it really makes for a nice night of z's.

    Also, it increases your fiber intake and does have obvious vitamin and mineral content.

    My doctor also said that vap'd herb has lost most of the THC, but a lot of the CBD's stay behind. CBD's have medicinal and pain management properties that are well documented.

    The key is the gel capsules, give it a try
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't suggest making massive batches of only vaped herb all the time. But it does help to add an extra gram or two just to add to the potency of the batch
  13. I always save up my vaped weed. As soon as I get a full ounce of AVB I just grind it into a powder and add it straight to the brownie mix with an extra egg and double the oil to make up for the added dry ingredient (the ABV). Bake em low and slow and you won't be disappointed. This recipe has never failed me. I normally vape my weed till it just starts to turn mostly light brown, but still a lot of green.
  14. Every week i use 1 oz of "duff" per 1 stick butter and make a tray of brownies and cut them big into 12.. That puts slightly over 2 grams like fumar said. 1 of these brownies works great.
  15. ABV is better for QWISO hash, it takes far too much for edibles.
  16. lol yea most likely but you can definitely tell the difference. The vaped stuff is pretty free of THC but there is still a decent amount of CBD left so you get that really heavy body high and just want to sink into the ground. :D
  17. Exactly. That's why smoking vaped weed gets you some crazy couch lock... if you don't fall asleep! hhahaha
  18. I make butter out of leftovers about once a month. I make brownies and 1 usually does the job. They taste good too.

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