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'Vaped' vaporize Review

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Rizo, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Bought myself a vaporizer pen for wax and here is the review

    'Vaped' vaporizer pen $70
    It comes with a metal box containing a warranty card and a charger with the vaporizer. It's a small kit as small as a blackberry phone so it fits any pockets. It's real smooth, with solid steel and a rubber sleeve on the outside. The inside is ceramic and has a wick of unknown material (fiberglass)? The bowl itself is quite small n hard to load. Whatever I load goes on the wick. The wick is connected by 3 coils that burns red hot. The wax then melts down to the bowl and vaporized. The smell and smoke is not tasty like a ti nail. It smells burnt. I feel that the wick is giving off a feint smell. And the coil is just boiling the oil. But sometimes it burns it. Extremely inconsistent. First couple hits are amazing and then if I don't reload it tastes horrible. Problem is that there is already oil in the bowl, even when it tastes bad. So final verdict for this is that it is a vape pen for on the go emergencies. Not recommended for daily or even weekly use.

    I believe it may be hazardous to your health. Does anyone have any info on this vape pen or any luck with it? It is sold by alot of dispensaries including Yerba Buena
  2. You must saturate the wicks with oil, or else your burning/inhaling whatever is coming off the wick.
  3. I do but the coil wrapped around it dries it and continued to give off a plastic smell and taste
  4. Ruvaped.com

    Got this the other day from a local dispensary (Santa Cruz Naturally, since you from San Jose) and it works well. A few things I learned while using it..

    Be extra careful when loading your wax on the coil, I accidentally scraped the top part with the metal dab tool and ended up 'breaking' the skillet. I had to buy a new one that was $12..

    After a few hits, need to re load another scoop of wax.

    I've noticed that when you are smoking the wax, the smoke is thicker on the exhale and you can taste it. Whereas if it's all burnt away, the smoke is very little and it gives a strange aftertaste.

    For $70..it isn't that bad. Definitely gets me way more baked than your average joint, bong rip.

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