Vaped material (AVB)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by laZieGoncraZie, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. So after vaping leaf from my Boundless CFX I get this kind of AVB. (pic attached)

    I'm a vape virgin and this is my first vape ever.

    I would like to know if this is good enough or should I puff some more before I refill?

    I start at 190°C and end at 204°C.

    Anyone? IMG_20190623_165631.jpg

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  2. You can pretty much tell from the percentage of green you can see.
    I don't see a lot.
  3. So this much is okay, right?

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  4. Depends what you mean by ok?
    Do I think you've used it enough? Yes.

    Personally I don't even go that far, I leave a little green intentionally in because I don't like it toasted/even slightly toasty since I've quit smoking...that and I make average grade edibles with my leftovers, so that's my reason.
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  5. Looks like that herb is pretty well vaped. The 190C-204C temp. range is perfect IMHO. I prefer to keep it closer to 190C, but there are some strains that do better at 204C. You'll soon get a better feel for temp. and duration of vape session. Enjoy!
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  6. looks about right from over here, lazie!


    I vape mine about that dark, sometimes a bit lighter, sometimes a bit darker (on accident :p)
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  7. That’s about the color I get when done with a bowl. My wife vaped till she gets nothing I vape till it taste bad.
    What’s your plan for your AVB?
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  8. Don't have one. I don't plan on consuming edibles, atleast not atm. I just throw it out.
  9. Lol mine stops giving any kind of vapour at about this colour.
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  10. Trust me. Save it. There will come a time where you'll wish you had more, had you put it aside. Don't make any decisions yet. Just don't discard it. For your future self.
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  11. Can i store it in ziplocks?
  12. Yep.
    I mean I'd recommend more a container with a lid, but that'll work.
  13. Aight. Will do

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