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Vaped buds = 1st QWISO [tons of pics]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kadookoo, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Well I did a lot of searching and it seems people usually throw their vaped buds away. The ones that do keep theirs, they usually cannabutter or make qwiso. I chose qwiso as it's the fastest and easiest and less smelling.

    I used 99% iso. And I believe this is the quickest method. I suggest using 99% as it dries the fastest!!

    I had 6.7g of some vaped buds. And then I decided to be more daring and added a lot of shake left over from dried buds. They were just chillin at the bottom of the jar and it seemed to be about 1.5g so why not?

    I did 2 washes. VERY quick washes, on the same plate. But I had it seperated, more closer to the bottom is the first wash, closer to the top the 2nd wash.

    First wash was 45 seconds altogether including pouring the iso.
    Second wash I dumped everything back in as much as I could (haha it was a mess! I think I only got to use about half of what I started with because they kept falling off the strainer.
    My method I used to strain them consisted of lightly bouncing it (strainer) up and down because the juice and such inbetween the coffee filter and strainer was just flooding (hence why it made a huge mess and I only got to use half of what I started with) and it helped release a bunch of "hash" that you could clearly see dropping onto the plate. I'm SURE I could have got a bit more if I did a 3rd wash and actually strained it better (first time, made a mess) But I think so far for only 'wasting' roughly a gram of smoke and then 6.7 of vaped, i'm hoping for 2g hash.

    I'm doing the room temp fan method, not the hot plate that a lot of people seem to use.. I might compress it in the kief press I made, not sure yet..

    *note* I ONLY used mids and higher, no dirt weed here. :cool:




    Here's the strainer I pieced together;

    First wash, about 1 minute after;

    Second wash on same plate 10 minutes into drying;

    After 30 minutes of drying;Hash getting a bit denser?

    After an hour of drying;


    What I noticed is that everything that use to be on the edgest moves towards the center of the plate and gathers. Also, I found some hashoil? around the outside edge, it's the green ring, but when scraped (still wet where the iso is, but sticky where the ring is) it forms a nice honey black color goo. :)


    It's still drying so i'll edit in a couple hours or so.
    Any questions, feel free to ask :)
  2. damn enjoy that +rep
  3. mmmm..

    i love me some qwiso :]
  4. Sweet man. I can't wait to hear how it comes out!
  5. sick man, i gotta see how it goes
  6. Well i'm gonna scrape it here in an hour or so.. It's still quite sticky so I wanted to test it a bit and started scraping a little spot. Is this hash oil? It's honey looking color, but i'm not sure if it's from the iso or from the vaped weed being brown.. Anyone?
    Looks sorta like pipe resin but more golden..


  7. im pretty sure vaped weed makes brown, gooey hash.

  8. Is this bad? lol Or is it just like a giant ball and I can roll in kief or cut up?
  9. I thought hash was solid?
  10. Hash comes in many forms. I believe hash is just the word for solidiness <-I made that word up.
  11. Imo hash involves a form of "heat" in all methods, pressure or heat, why it's in quotation marks.
  12. I always get that gooey stuff when I make ISO hash as well - I've only made it from the remains in my grinder though because it gets so gunked up with resin. That stuff fucks you up. I usually roll it around in kief and put it on top of a bowl of herb and it starts to bubble when you light it. Produces a real heavy stone.
  13. Seems good for a wake n bake to mess you up all day.. or atleast most of the day. lol.

    Another hour and i'm scrapin. :)
  14. YUM that looks amazing P.S. use the razor blade for your finger nails lol:D
  15. Okay. Here's the pics! yum!




  16. First congratulations on making qwiso for the first time.:hello:

    I got a couple suggestions for next time. These are not meant to be mean or like u f'ed up. They are simply being posted to help you next time you make qwiso.

    1. 45 seconds is way too long of a wash on any starting material especially previously vaped material try somewhere between 20-30 seconds after about 25 seconds you start leaching out other plant matter the kind you don't want and the kind that makes it runnier
    2.You already vaped most of the thc out you then leached what was ledft in there out of it for 45 seconds there is no need for a second run. Your second run is mostly leached out chlorophyll and other non essential plant matter.
    3 if you are using vaped bud then run vaped bud not vaped bud and shake. If you want to run vaped bud and shake do two separate washes. You will notice the difference.
    4. Don't touch the plate/start scraping for 24 hours even though it looks dry it is NOT there is still alcohol evaporating from it and you will be able to taste it when you light it which you don't want.

    so if you want a better end product remember
    less exposure time to the alcohol= better results
    better starting product= better results

    If you use non vaped starting material break it up and do 1 soak for 15 seconds you wil come up with an end product that resembles rock candy(hard and brittle) not runy and oily
  17. #17 kadookoo, Feb 7, 2009
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    Total outcome was .4g
    Not bad considering it was basically free. lol

    I kinda lost like .1 rolling it around in a ball, im gonna let it harden as is... Maybe in a few days i'll be able to handle it.




    fuck me. Oh well... I guess i'll give it away to some friends for exchange for a nug or something...
    I shoulda read what you posted before scraping :/

    I thought having a fan blowing plus using 99% would mean I can scrape in 4 hours LOL. :\
  18. does it taste like regular hash, or does it have a vaped bud kinda taste?
  19. I haven't tried any yet, i'm gonna wait til tomorrow..

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