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Vaped bud or resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by breatheeasy, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. It's that time again and I'm between bags. I'm stuck with vaped bud and pipe resin. I've smoked both before but my main question is how unhealthy is smoking resin. I get higher off the resin but it doesn't seem to good for the lungs.
  2. how much avb ya got? eat that sheeeeit

  3. I've got probably 5 grams but I've tried that before. Fr some reason I don't get affected by edibles much at all. Ive made a milkshake, brownies, and firecrackers and every time it messes my friends up but I never feel much of anything from them. My friends that I've shared my edibles with describe it as being as high as they've ever been. It's a mystery I still can't solve until this day. I've come to the conclusion that everyone is just affected differently.
  4. When you smoke bud that same resin collects on your lungs just like it does on the bowl. Only lungs are self cleaning.

    Resin is just condensed smoke. I highly doubt its more harmful than simply smoking bud.
  5. Roll a ball of resin in some abv and smoke that nasty ball of yuck-ness. Get real high!
  6. vaped but

    resin gives me a throat ache
  7. put ice in a bong and smoke it. vaped bud smokes real harsh but gives you a super body high because most of the thc is gone and the other stuff is more prevailent. i got a bad body high once, i felt like something was stabbing my chest and twisting and pulling. almost painful. it was just extreme cottonmouth lol. resin has a lot of thc cuz it condenses like water on a can of coke.

  8. I agree completely. Smoke the ABV, I love smoking abv.

    Or save up like 3 more grams and make a glycerin tincture.
  9. smoke the ABV
    get the pipe resin and try putting it in your vape (just an idea...might be better?)

  10. Eww dude that would taste sooo gross i'd probably vomit.

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