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Vaped bud get you high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenterror, May 23, 2010.

  1. So i got fucked up last night and had some vaped weed and spilled it on a cut i had. I thought i felt a little buzz but it could have been somethin from yesturday.

    if you ate vaporized weed would you get high since the THC was already heated? the weed was mostly brown but had some lighter pieces and I don't think I got all the THC outta it.
  2. the thc was vaporized in the vape
    and i dont think the cannabinoids left would do anything
    if only exposed to a cut
    You could still smoke the vaped stuff tho
  3. Heh, no, you didn't get high from spilling it on your cut. Eating it would not give you a high either.

    Depending on how much has been vaporized out of the weed, it can still be used for smoking, cooking and other such things, but you need more of it.
  4. ^this

    you can get pretty stoned on a half vaped half fresh blunt and it smells cool
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    sell it to someone stupid and buy good weed after. then youll be high.:D
  6. I used to vape my bud all the way to where it couldnt be anymore.
  7. I make tinctures out of my vaped weed. Works great.
  8. The THC is decarboxylicised but it needs to bond to fat to be absorbed into the blood stream if you're eating it. Rubbing it in might work but you'd have t shove al the bud into your blood stream, you were probably having a placebo effect.

    Take the vaped bud and make firecrackers with it, it still needs heat to form bonds bond with dem fat molecules otherwise you won't absorb it.
  9. Cook it.
  10. yeah, if it isn't vaped too dark, and if you have a lot, you can get a pretty good (body) high from it. cooking with it works well, but tastes bad.
  11. i ussually roll it up un a dutch. Itll get you ripped.

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