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  1. :wave: Hey fellow smokers, I am currently making some butter for the first time because I have not eaten pot yet and wanted to see what it is like...I mean for medical purposes....ahh who am I kiddding. sorry to get off task but Now i was wondering how are vaporizers any better and are they really worth it in the long run. Also costly efficient? If so I am looking into the Zephyr Ion and was wondering if anyone has expiremented this Vape yet. Also How does it compare to the " GREAT ALMIGHTY VOLCANO!!!!" Is it just a big name brand over rated unnessisary purchase or is it really that great? Looking into this ive seen vapes between roughly 100 to 700 bucks and is really worth the money?(you get what you pay for?) Can't wait to hear some replies.

    Thank You :smoke:Finally Being recognized as a medication.
  2. yea vapes are worth it, so is the volcano if u appreciate quality!!! I dont personally own a a vape but many buddys own vapes including the volcano. I love glass so vapes arent my main concern atm, but i plan to purchase a SSV soon to toke thru my bongs. BTW there are many threads concerning your interests so check out that search button and u can get info faster than people will post it.
  3. Vaporizers are definitely worth their weight in weed ;)
  4. From what Ive heard valcano is one of those things you buy moreso for the name, but I don't own one myself so i can't really comfirm. Just don't want you wasting all that money when you could get something equal or better for less.

    But yeah, vapes are totally worth it man. oh shit. actually I have some cash right now, I might actualy get one soon. hell yeah thanks for reminding me man
  5. Volcano's price is from their name/design/ease of use/popularity.

    Zephyr ion is a cheaper alternative bag vape. its a little bigger but from what i've seen and read it gets the job done.

    Take some time to do some research and watch some videos of vaporizers that catch your eyes and find out which one is right for you.

    Some people like bags, direct(like drawing from a straw or stem)some people like whips and some people like portable ones..each one has their pros and cons.

    I hope you find something that suits your needs.
  6. They're worth it if you want to get high by using less bud.
    They're worth it if you want to experience the "true" taste of the bud.
    They're worth it if you don't want to take in all the toxins that are in smoke.
    They're worth it if you value a clear, head high.
    They're worth it if you don't want to stink up your house.
    They're worth it if you want to be stealth while you are partaking.

    Absolutely. ALL vapes will pay for themselves by the savings that you will see in buying less bud and this is even true if you buy the overpriced Volcano.

    I have one of the originals that was sent to me for a beta test.

    Well, the Ion is about half the price of a 'Cano. There are some who have both and like the Ion better. One of the main things that contributes to the higher price of a Volcano versus the Ion is that the 'Cano is manufactured in Germany and the Ion is manufactured in China. Both are very well made.

    Some vapes are worth a hundred bucks, some are not. Some vapes are worth 300 bucks, some are not. Is a Volcano worth the price that they charge for it? In my opinion, no.
  7. To answer your question, yes vapes are totally worth it, but i wouldn't go with anything other then the v-tower extreme vaporizer from arizer.

    heres a review of it
    V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer Review

    the run new around 300 new and be bought off ebay for much less then that.

    all that being said, ive had one for about six months and it is just as efficient as a volcano and can do both whip and bags. Totally worth it.

    Whatever you do, dont buy a fucking silver surfer, they blow.

    vapes are the shit
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    While the Extreme is a good vape, there are tons of others that are also great. Why wouldn't you go with any other vape? Have you tried all the other great vapes out there? What is it about the Extreme that you like better than say, the Buddha, the Ion, the Purple Days, the LaunchBox, the Aromed, the VripTech, the Supreme, the Myrtlezap, etc etc etc.

    This reviewer works for a distributor, Vaporizer Giant. Did you notice that the ONLY place that he directs you towards to buy it is at Vaporizer Giant? Did you notice that the only vapes that he reviews are the ones that Vaporizer Giant sells? Did you notice that he didn't give any bad reviews on ANY of the products that he reviewed?

    WTF? The SSV is one of the best whip based vapes on the market.

    For those of you looking for HONEST reviews from users, not retailers, on the Extreme, check out this 58 page thread from the users that use it. Reviews and useful user tips:

    btw, here's a 45 page thread on the SSV for those of you why may want to see some alternative reviews other than this negative one from Dubsack:
  9. Vaporizers are the shit, start here.

  10. GREAT FAQ. Highly recommended.

    (nice work, Blunt)
  11. Vapes made cannabis 100% better for me.

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